Tomo-chan Is A Girl – Season 1 Episode 13 Recap & Review

To Stay By Your Side

Episode 13 of Tomo-chan Is A Girl begins with Tomo telling Jun she’ll be with Carol and Misuzu today. Tomo complains Jun is acting more confident and relaxed about their new relationship.

Carol suggests Tomo kisses Jun, but Tomo’s not comfortable with that yet. Misuzu recommends they watch the film “No Kiss, No Life,” that’ll air during Christmas, to get Jun in the mood to do it. Tomo meets up with Jun at the movie theater, and she tells him they’ll be watching “No Kiss, No Life” today.

Jun’s nervous about watching it, but Tomo’s not worried since she stared at the poster for a week to wipe away her anxiety. While watching the movie, Tomo attempts to get intimate with Jun, but the movie’s romance scenes make her nervous. After the film, Tomo tells Jun that he must have gotten really into the movie. Jun says he couldn’t get into romance and love stories before because he thought he could never relate to them. However, he wonders if his love for Tomo made him get more into it. Jun and Tomo exchange Christmas gifts and walk home. Tomo knows Jun’s acting calmer around her because she’s important to him.

However, she wants to know of a way to make him like her more. Tomo spends the night at Jun’s house, and they both act nervous toward each other. Tomo snaps and says she came here to kiss Jun. Jun tells Tomo he’d love to, but he wants the moment to be special. Jun admits he hasn’t accepted her as his girlfriend yet, and Tomo’s furious. Jun reveals he told her parents about their relationship, and her mother said it’s okay. However, Goro (Tomo’s dad) said he can’t date Tomo until he defeats him in a fight. Tomo’s infuriated. Meanwhile, Akemi (Tomo’s mother) discusses the situation with Goro.

Tomo arrives, yells at Goro, and demands a solid response from him. He continues grunting, resulting in Tomo telling Goro she hates him and fleeing to her room. Misuzu and Carol meet at the shrine for New Year’s. Misuzu tells Carol she hasn’t gotten a response from Tomo in a while. Jun arrives at Tomo’s home, but Akemi tells him Tomo doesn’t want to see anyone yet. However, she suggests Jun challenge Goro while he’s here since he’s been off his game. Jun says he’s not feeling up to fighting and heads for school. Jun meets Tomo, and she’s mad that Jun didn’t share this intel about him and her father sooner.

Jun didn’t want to have Tomo wait on him to defeat her father, and he’s willing to challenge him. Tomo informs Misuzu and Carol about the situation. She wishes she could help Jun since she’s unsure if he can beat Goro. Jun tells Tomo that he’ll be challenging her father today during class. Jun visits Goro to challenge him. Meanwhile, Misaki and Tomo discuss her worries for Jun. Misaki tells Tomo she should head over to their fight to cheer Jun on. Tomo rushes out of the dojo to head home. At the same time, Jun is losing badly to Tomo’s father. Tomo arrives and says she’d like to challenge her father instead.

She tells Jun she doesn’t want to interfere with their fight. If Jun loses and can’t continue, she wants to have a crack at Goro. Jun challenges Goro to one more round. Jun wins the fight after discovering Goro’s weak spot. After the fight, Jun tells Tomo he loves her and asks her if she wants to go out. Tomo’s flustered since she wanted to ask him, so she uses the opportunity to kiss Jun. The episode concludes with Tomo taking a group photo with Misuzu, Carol, Jun, and Misaki and stating how she’s living her best life ever.

The Episode Review

Tomo’s adventure has come to a close and it’s unfortunate to see her and her friends go. The previous episode felt like a nice conclusion for the story, so many may have been curious about what this one had to offer. It appears our lovebirds had one more person to convince of their relationship and it happened to be Tomo’s father, Goro. Many will find this situation relatable since it’s normally father figures who are skeptical of their daughters dating boys.

At the same time, it would’ve been great if we saw Goro feel more skeptical toward Jun earlier in the series. It would make his cautious attitude toward Jun’s affection for Tomo feel more believable and less forced. Nonetheless, the match between Jun and Goro was satisfying and will give many people strong shonen vibes.

I could tell Studio Lay-Duce, the animators behind the Tomo-chan Is A Girl anime adaptation, had a blast animating this fight. You can feel all that emotional weight on Jun’s fist as it collided with Goro’s face.

It shows how much Jun cares about Tomo as a friend and love interest. The episode also contained some enjoyable humor between Jun and Tomo. Getting intimate with someone who means the world to you can be difficult for everyone, especially if you’ve never fallen in love before. These two captured that anxiety wonderfully with their quirky mannerisms and attitudes toward each other. Thankfully, Tomo struck enough courage to lay one on Jun at the end of the episode. This will make many romance enthusiasts pleased with the result.

Overall, this was a nice send-off for the anime. The previous episode felt like a great conclusion, but this one added some entertaining obstacles for our protagonists to overcome so they can seal the deal.

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