Tomo-chan Is A Girl – Season 1 Episode 12 Recap & Review

Goodbye, Best Friend

Episode 12 of Tomo-chan Is A Girl begins with Tomo, Carol, and Misuzu’s mothers at the school culture festival to see their daughters perform in the Cinderella play.

Misuzu’s mother plans to film her daughter during the act since she lied to her about there being a cultural festival this year. As the play occurs, everyone from Jun and Tomo plays their role well. As Tomo and Misuzu get close, Misuzu believes she’s the one who instilled Tomo’s desire to want to be a princess. However, in his mind, Jun believes Tomo wanted to play the role of a female of her own volition. Carol and her friends start cheering after Tomo proposes to Misuzu.

Despite it going against the play’s storyline, everyone starts cheering them on, and the play concludes. Afterward, Jun asks Tomo if she’d like to take a stroll around the festival with him. Tomo accepts, and we get a montage of the two attending several festivities around the school, like haunted attractions to playing soccer.

Later, Tomo, Jun, Carol, and Misaki participate in the festival’s dancing activity, leaving Misuzu alone. However, Carol grabs Misuzu before could depart and sits with her on a stool. Misuzu thanks Carol for getting her the part of Cinderella. Misuzu feels she did that so Misuzu could make up with Tomo.

Carol denies that claim and tells Misuzu she only wanted her to play Cinderella so she can take a picture of her in a dress. As Tomo and Jun dance together, Jun semi-admits to having feelings for Tomo, causing her to flee the area. Several days pass.

One morning, Tomo tackles Jun, and they start walking with each other. Jun says Tomo’s been acting more energetic than usual. He tries asking her about what happened to her during the after-party event. Tomo literally dodges the question by rushing to school alone. Tomo meets up with Carol and Misuzu. Carol asks her what happened between her and Jun at the culture festival, but Tomo walks away embarrassed.

Misuzu assumes Jun confessed his feelings to Tomo, but Tomo backed out. As Jun heads to school, he bumps into Misaki, and they head somewhere to chat. Jun tells Misaki he likes Tomo, but Misaki thinks he’s happy for him. Misaki tells Jun it’d be best to straight-up tell Tomo he likes her. Jun thanks Misaki for the advice, even though Misaki hasn’t told Carol how he truly feels about her. He wishes them both the best of luck in their confessing endeavors. Jun pulls Misuzu aside from class and tells her that he loves Tomo. He apologizes for using her back then in their relationship.

Misuzu’s upset Jun couldn’t be more proactive with Tomo because he worried how she’d feel if they dated. Misuzu tells Jun to stop being considerate of her feelings since she’s the one who threw the relationship away. Jun thanks Misuzu for looking out for other people because he wouldn’t have gotten this far without her help.

Before they end their conversation, Misuzu asks Jun if she was his first love. He tells her she wasn’t while hilariously thinking about his first encounter with Tomo’s mother. Meanwhile, Tomo finds a challenge letter on her desk which asks her to head for the rooftops.

Tomo reaches the rooftop and learns Jun put the letter on her desk. Jun reflects on Tomo’s romantic confession to him at the start of high school. He asks her if she meant she loved him as a friend. Tomo’s a bit peeved and tells Jun she’s been trying to become more girly for him. Jun didn’t know, but infuriated, Tomo punches him in the face. As Jun lies on the ground, Tomo reflects on her actions. She feels Jun didn’t deserve to be punched since he must have been afraid and wanted to flee the situation. Jun tells Tomo he loves her, but she yells at him and leaves. She meets up with Misuzu and Carol, and Tomo says she messed up.

Carol says she and Jun should go out, but Tomo’s filled with too afraid. Misuzu tells Tomo she never needed to be more girly to win Jun’s heart. She feels everything that’s occurred between her and Jun is all her fault. Tomo comforts Misuzu, who tells her to go to Jun and settle everything.

Tomo runs to meet up with Jun as Misuzu’s happy to experience love for the first time. Tomo finds Jun and asks him to give her one more chance. They head for the same path where Tomo confessed to Jun in the first episode. Jun promises Tomo that he loves her for real, and Tomo’s overcome with a lot of glee.

However, Tomo tells Jun that they may not be best buddies anymore since they’ll be pursuing romance. Jun argues they can still remain, friends, even after they’ve become a couple. He challenges Tomo to a race up a few stairs. Tomo beats him, and Jun laughs. He tells Tomo even if they become a couple–he wants them to compete with each other like they always have. Tomo tells Jun that she loves him, and he falls down the stairs out of shock. Tomo checks on Jun, and the episode concludes with Jun congratulating himself while lying on the stairs.

The Episode Review

After several weeks of wholesome and amusing activities, Jun finally confessed his feelings to Tomo. This episode handled the confession gracefully and shows how taken aback Tomo was by Jun’s words. Viewers will be glad to see that we didn’t skip out on the play like the previous episode.

While it’s unfortunate we didn’t get more details about Jun’s birthday party, it’s great to see them have fun in several activities at their school’s culture festival. Arguably, the moments leading up to Jun’s confession were spectacular. Many people will adore how he settled things with Misuzu and how he disguised a challenge letter to entice Tomo to head for the rooftop.

The rooftop was a fine setting for the confession since this is where most of our characters would visit to receive advice on emotional-themed topics. Many viewers will admire Jun’s thoughts on the relationship, too. Although he knows things will be a tad different with Tomo, he still wants their relationship to be centered on the long-term rivalry they built up since they were children.

It’ll not only set them apart from other couples, but it touches base on Misuzu’s confession concerning Tomo being fine the way she is and not needing to act girly. Regarding Misuzu, it was touching seeing her apologize to Tomo and let her go be with Jun. Overall, this was a great episode of Tomo-chan Is A Girl. It had great animation, wonderful tension, and a satisfying finish.

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