Titans – Season 3 Episode 8 “Home” Recap & Review


Episode 8 of Titans Season 3 begins with Gar recruiting Molly to help him find Jason. However, they’re not alone. With the new and improved bat-signal (complete with a capital T), it seems the tide is turning in Gotham.

While Conner shacks up with Komand’r, a boy called Tim Drake shows up at Wayne Manor. He knows Bruce’s secret and that’s enough to get him through the door.

It turns out he was actually at the Flying Circus when Dick performed and since then, has been watching his progress. He knows he’s Nightwing and was originally Robin, pointing out a one-handed meat-hook that ended up being his signature move. Dick shrugs it off though, claiming it’s a simple case of forgery.

Tim though? He wants to be the next Robin. And he could well be perfect for the role too – especially given he’s been tracking Jason Todd and knows he was outside Drake restaurant several nights back. The kid is definitely smart.

Meanwhile, Jason and Krane lurk in the depths of Gotham’s underbelly. The former has turned desperate, determined to get his hands on the serum again. Krane though, has a more dastardly plan. He wants to poison the city’s water supply, infecting it and turning Gotham on itself. Red Hood though is done with this and walks away, landing a few stiff jabs to Krane’s jaw for good measure.

On his way out, Dick tracks Jason down courtesy of Barbara’s intel at the GCPD. Unfortunately, en-route to tracking him down, Dick is hit by a car on the road and brought in for medical care. It seems someone anonymously phoned 911, which Dick believes is actually Jason.

Meanwhile, Kory continues to suffer from visions, this time walking in on Conner and Komand’r together in bed. While the former leaves, quick as a flash, Komand’r manages to snap her sister out of her trance and bring her back.

It seems someone is trying to send her a message, something that immediately sees Kory explore in more detail. Unlike earlier in the season when she tried this, trapping Gar in the trunk of a car, this time the pair manage to keep a closer eye on Kory. In fact, she ends up out in the street, circling on the spot.

Through Molly’s intel, Jason decides to meet Dick down in the tunnels. It does seem like a trap but one that Dick decides to walk into knowingly, determined to get through to Jason. Out in the alleyways, Dick looks set to descend when Tim shows up. He wants to help but when Dick refuses to entertain the idea, Tim decides to show what he’s made of. In fact, he’s going to go after Red Hood and Krane on his own.

Krane continues to elude the authorities this episode too, leaving a breadcrumb trail of dead bodies while he erratically tries to stop himself being arrested. One of those victims even includes his own Mum, whom he kills while sitting in her apartment.

Down in the tunnels, Dick and Jason talk and try to come to an agreement. Jason changes their meeting location too, telling Dick they should meet at the old Wellington pump station at 9pm that evening instead. Offering to turn himself in and hand Krane over, Dick agrees to the terms. The other Titans however, aren’t exactly thrilled with this idea.

Tim is true to his word though and follows Jason, only to find Krane there with him. Tim walks right into this trap and eventually finds himself shot in the back. Jason hurries over to check on him, although as the Titans show up – led by Conner – Jason hightails it away into the station. To them, it certainly looks like Jason was the one who shot him.

Kory and Dick charge into the pump station, determined to find Jason and Krane. Unfortunately all of this was a ruse, with Kory’s flames working to douse Gotham with this serum, which enters the water supply. As it begins spreading across Gotham, that bat symbol we saw before bleeds red, signifying some pretty nasty developments to come in the episodes ahead.

The Episode Review

The latest episode of Titans leaves lots of question marks hanging over the fate of our characters. It looked like Krane and Jason were on the back-foot here but it turns out they’re one step ahead of our Titans – and now their big plan has come to fruition.

With Gotham on the verge of meltdown, this story does feel quite similar to that of Batman Begins, where Scarecrow used the fear gas and plunged Gotham into a fear-induced coma. However, Dick is already suffering from ghosts of his past, seeing visions of his younger self.

Meanwhile, Conner and Komand’r grow closer together, sleeping together after their light flirting earlier in thee season. It’s perhaps an obvious plot point that was always going to develop like this, but it’s still a nice inclusion nonetheless.

With Krane and Red Hood’s loose alliance holding this dastardly plan together, Tim’s life and the fate of Gotham hang in the balance. Will the Titans come out on top? We’ll have to wait and see…

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