Titans – Season 3 Episode 7 “51%” Recap & Review


Episode 7 of Titans Season 3 begins with a phone call. There have been attacks across Gotham and this can only mean one thing – Scarecrow’s drug is out on the market. This spells big trouble for our heroes, as Dick Grayson and Barbara prepare to work together once more to stop this getting out of control and plunging Gotham into anarchy.

Meanwhile, Jason returns to HQ where he finds Crane nonchalant about him stealing the serum. That is, until Red Hood lets his guard down and inhales more of the serum Crane has on thee table. Only, this batch has been spiked and it doesn’t take long before Jason falls to the ground like a sack  of potatoes.

After taking Red Hood out, Crane confronts the syndicate. He reassures them that Hood is in his control, and that he’s intent on working with them for the betterment of Gotham. And by helping, Crane wants to control the mass population. With Red Hood protecting their interests, Gotham on the brink of destruction, and Crane in the driving seat, the Titans have a mountain to climb.

Dick and the Titans are thankfully on the same page though, working with the GCPD to try and stop this. Unfortunately, it’s not enough. They need Oracle.

Reluctantly Barbara agrees, and leads Dick down to the basement. Now, Oracle is a supercomputer and using its powers, they manage to overhear a deal going down that night with Crane and his cronies. Unfortunately the whole gig is compromised, as it seems Crane is inside Oracle. He feeds a dud address, which turns out to be an explosive wired to a poor victim inside the van. Superboy manages to save Dick from being blown to bits, but it’s clear this isn’t going to be as smooth as they thought.

Kory and her sister meanwhile, take a road-trip off to see Ms Knox, one of the women involved with the mobsters. She’s having doubts about Crane and Red Hood and agrees to team up – for a price. If they can retrieve her son, and bring him back home, she’ll play ball. Only, in bringing him back she shoots the boy square in the head. It turns out her son was actually working for the FBI, which explains her actions.

Kory on the other hand, loses control and burns Knox to the ground. This incentives Komand’r to speak up, explaining how she was vilified and used as a scapegoat when Kory left back on their planet. Their parents decided to sacrifice Komand’r for te greater good but she fought back, killing them instead. It turns out Blackfire actually came to Earth to try and convince Kory to a team-up, determined to bring some balance to the disorder gripping their planet.

With this explained, the attention now turns back to Crane’s plan, which they thankfully interrogate Knox’s subordinate for info. This leads them along to an ice cream factory, where Crane’s serum is being mass-produced.

It doesn’t take long though for the titans to show up, disrupting the operation completely. The guys completely outmatch the legions of goons, although Jason and Crane make a quick getaway before they can be captured.

With dozens of Gotham’s mobsters in jail and the bad guys on the run, the Titans head back to Wayne manor to celebrate their win. Dick and Barbara take the opportunity to talk in private too – and by talking we mean kissing.

Meanwhile, Gar decides he’s not ready to give up on Jason just yet and heads off to find the one person who could talk some sense into Red Hood – Molly.

The Episode Review

Titans returns this week with another good episode, one that sees us catch a glimpse of Oracle for the first time. How Crane managed to get into the system is still a bit of a moot point but it’s enough to force out Titans into a side quest to extract information from Knox.

This also has the knock-on effect of giving Kory and Komand’r a chance to hash out their differences, along with more context over what happened in their past. Now it becomes clear just why Komand’r is on Earth and it seems the sisters are back on the same page.

There’s also sprinklings of romance in here with Connor too, with the light bites of flirting at the ice cream factory working well to serve as a bit of levity to the otherwise dramatic and action-packed conclusion.

Crane’s plans with the serum are still not over though and with Red Hood still under his control, it seems we’re gearing up for another clash between Scarecrow and the Titans in the future. Who will come out on top? We’ll have to wait and see!

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