Titans – Season 3 Episode 2 “Red Hood” Recap & Review

Red Hood

Episode 2 of Titans Season 3 begins back in Gotham City with all the villains joined together and debating the ramifications of Robin’s death. A bag drops from the ceiling though, prompting a man known as Red Hood to show up. Inside the bag happens to be the severed head of a guy called Danny. Well, Red Hood wants a cut of everything they earn and with Batman gone, it seems the perfect opportunity for anarchy to break out.

Following Bruce’s bombshell reveal, Dick decides to bring the Titans in to Gotham City in order to tighten up security. At Wayne Manor, the kids are joined by Dawn, and reminded that they’re not in San Fran anymore – they need to be vigilant.

An incoming call from Barbara confirms as much, as Dick is brought in to help out. A woman called Ann hasn’t said a word but she has a note reading: “I need to talk to Nightwing”. With Ann in custody, Dick dons his outfit and heads in to talk to the frightened young woman. She has coordinates scrawled on her hands but after handing them over, she suddenly starts convulsing and collapses on the floor. It seems she’s been poisoned, with a horrible toxin employed after divulging her message. It seems whoever did this knows their stuff when it comes to science.

Consulting with Barbara, it turns out she’s been using Scarecrow for advice – and it was Bruce’s idea too. Barbara is onboard with this, especially after what’s transpired, but Dick is not happy.

Back at he mansion, Kory starts to lose control of her powers. She’s erratic, acting out of sorts and clearly foreshadowing something extra going on. For now, this remains a mystery.

Meanwhile, Dick Grayson arrives at Arkham to see Scarecrow. Crane riles up Dick, before eventually mentioning something called the “Bird’s Opening.” This is a chess move and it turns out the note written for Nightwing is in relation to this. Deciphering the note, it seems like they have a clue in the form of another address. When Hank shows up though, tensions inevitably fly between him and Dawn.

Well, who better to show than our two lovebirds. Hawk and Dove show up at Bird Street and notice a robbery underway. On top of that, everyone in attendance is wearing red hoods. Dick shows up at the crime scene, calling off Barbara and deciding to go in himself with the Titans.

Dick makes the wrong move and it results in the place exploding. The assailants take off with 25 million dollars and – with no suspects in custody – Barbara Gordon is angry and unhappy that Dick has failed. With the city on edge, she steps up and decides to take control of the situation. The GCPD are back in control.

Dick believes the police are being led into a trap and decides to intervene anyway, taking out armed guards together with the rest of the Titans. With the place clear, Nightwing emerges and finds himself facing Red Hood. As the two fight, it turns out Red Hood’s real identity is actually Jason! He’s alive! I man, anyone who read the comics (or did a quick google search) would have found out but it’s certainly a big twist nonetheless.

The Episode Review

The second episode of Titans shifts the perspective to Gotham and speaking of which, this season feels like a darker and more gritty version of Fox’s old series. The inclusion of Scarecrow is a nice tidbit while the various different players all get involved in one way or another. Conner and Gar seem like they’re being used for comic relief this season and so far haven’t had an awful lot to do beyond getting involved in a couple of fights. Still, it’s early days and they could still play a big part to play in the episodes ahead.

Meanwhile, Dick Grayson and Barbara have a fascinating dynamic here, one very different from Commissioner Jim Gordon and Batman. This works well to juxtapose the difference in time that’s passed in Gotham, leaving things wide open for the rest of the season.

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