Titans – Season 2 Episode 9 Recap & Review

The Fall Out

With the truth about Jericho now out in the open, Titans returns to see our heroes confronting Dick’s secret and going their separate ways. The result is an episode that inconsistently keeps the theme of loneliness strong through each individual character’s arc but does so by delivering questioning character motives and a pacing that feels at odds to what we’ve seen so far this season, devoid of action or plot development.

We begin the episode with Dick’s confession as he reveals the truth about what happened to Jericho that fateful night. Disgusted and unable to look him in the eye, all our Titans leave the Tower and subsequently break the team up. Dick follows suit too, leaving Gar alone in Titan Tower to hold down the fort and keep an eye on Connor, still recovering.

It’s here Kory learns her sister Black Fire has taken her crown back home and is systematically killing off all those in allegiance with her. While Hank and Dawn try to make a new home out in the remote parts of their town, the days tick by and Gar starts to lose faith until Connor wakes up and catches him off guard. After showing him around, they discuss the Titans while Kory runs into problems when Faddei is shot with a strange bullet that possesses his body.

After singing karaoke together, Hank and Dawn are confronted by a face from their past who promises to make their life hell while Dick heads to Nevada and faces Jericho’s Mum. After apologizing to her for getting Jericho killed, she tells him he needs to find forgiveness. However, as she walks through the house with him, he’s led to Wade, who sits smugly in the living room. After talking about Jericho and telling our hero he’s finally won, he scoffs at Dick’s apology and promises to kill every last one of the Titans.

Meanwhile Gar shows Connor the ropes and how to be a hero but unfortunately he misinterprets the idea and begins beating down police officers. Gar leaves Connor to fend for himself, hiding out back at Titan Tower while Hank and Dawn go their separate ways too after disagreeing about what their future holds together. Kory comes face to face with her sister too, forced into killing Faddei who’s possessed by her. After snubbing an offer of an alliance, Kory walks away while Dick decides to do the same thing and leave America. After booking a one way flight to Greenland, he prepares to leave but has a sudden change of heart. Instead, he punches several police officers and gets himself arrested where we leave the episode hanging in the balance as Gar tries in vain to contact him.

While the episode itself does well to push our characters apart, it does so in a way that feels very contrived and devoid of any logic, given what we’ve seen so far from these characters. Kory’s sister subplot feels rushed and lacking in any sort of tension while Gar and Connor’s bizarre bromance feels like a wasted effort for both of these heroes too. Raven has had little to do this season and that’s very clear during this episode too and tonally, everything awkwardly moves from character to character with a few musical montages thrown in that only exacerbate the problem.

Still, as we reach the climax of this season, this episode feels like it’s been placed to intentionally alleviate some tension before the final plunge into all-out carnage. Hopefully from here on out Titans will get back to the bright start it achieved this season.


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