Titans – Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Ghosts Of The Past

Episode 7 of Titans picks up after last week’s excellent stand-alone sub-plot with Connor. With Jason falling helplessly to the ground and Deathstroke getting the last laugh in the fight with our Titan squad, things look bleak for our superhero team.

We begin with Jason falling and reminiscing over his ordeal with Deathstroke while Dick contemplates what to do next. Interrupting his thoughts, Bruce Wayne arrives and berates him for his stupidity in offering to trade his own life for Jason’s. However, it turns out he was imagining the entire conversation, as Dawn updates him on Connor’s situation and Wayne disappears from view.

Dick speaks to Jason about what happened but the latter sees through his concern and tells him to get his speech over and done with. Leaving him to it, Dick navigates questions from the team before going it alone. As he does, Connor wakes up repeating Eve’s name. As we jump across to Eve herself, she steals an ID card from one of the workers and frees Krypto while Dick heads to the local bar asking for information on Slade Wilson. After some pressing, he gains some valuable intel regarding an exotic dancer that may just hold the answers he seeks.

Beaten and down on his luck, Jason rejects help from Rose but she heads in nonetheless and tells him he at least tried to make a difference. Their talk turns a little flirtatious too and as she closes the door, they search through records together. This searching leads to Rose dancing and it’s enough for Jason to open up and kiss her. However, he pulls away midway through and as Rose goes back to the record box, she sees the familiar vinyl that belonged to her dead brother.

Meanwhile, Eve arrives at Titan Tower with Krypto where she checks on Connor who’s in a bad state. She tells Kory they need to bring the sun and heat to him, prompting her to team up with Raven and wrap Connor in a cocoon of light and fire. It’s enough to heal him and as he lies in bed recovering, Eve speaks to him about the future.

As Dick starts to piece together what’s happening, Raven and the others suspect Jason is the one causing issues around the Tower, including drawings of crucifixes on Raven’s wall. Dick arrives soon after and confronts Jason over what’s happening as he stands teetering on the edge of the roof. After having seen Bruce everywhere, he tells Jason he’s the one who’s sick and it’s his fault. Wayne fades from view as Dick reveals that he killed Deathstroke’s son.

With a big plot reveal at the end and plenty of drama throughout, Titans continues to raise the bar this season after a solid first offering. Aside from the opening episode, which should have been the season finale last time out, the second season of Titans far exceeds expectations and does what few DC shows have managed to do – show a compelling villain and actually make them a viable threat. Deathstroke has been the perfect antagonist this season and although we don’t see him this episode, his menacing presence in the shadows is enough to unnerve our team. Quite what will happen next remains to be seen but for now Titans continues to raise the bar.


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