Titans – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

A Fractured Team

With the foundations now set and Deathstroke’s appearance confirmed, Titans continues with another impressive episode this week, one chock full of action and plenty of drama. As early cracks begin to form in the Titans’ team dynamic and Dr Light and Deathstroke working together, all eyes point to a very difficult and challenging season ahead for our heroes.

We begin with Dick discussing Deathstroke with the other Titans. As they talk, Hawk and Dove arrive before mentioning that Kory is nowhere to be seen. Dick mentions that Rose is Deathstroke’s daughter which causes both newcomers to immediately plead with him to let her go. Knowing how dangerous Deathstroke is and how he defeated the Titans last time out, Dick heads over to question Rose around why she didn’t tell him about her Father, while the rest of the Titans continue to practice their moves.

Kory awakens and learns that a Royal request has been made for her to head home. She happens to be a Queen and if she doesn’t comply more dangerous men will arrive. After phoning Donna and finding out about Dr. Light’s presence, she heads back inside after being told the Titans have it under control.

As it happens, Dr. Light was broken out by Deathstroke as a way of figuring out who’s in charge at Titan Tower and who the weak links are. It’s a bold tactic and one that sees the cold, calculated Slade Wilson contrast nicely with the maniacal eccentricity of Dr. Light.

Pleading with him to tell the others the truth about what happened last time they faced Deathstroke, Dick refuses and instead speaks to Gar about tracking down Dr Light. As the grid goes down, they don’t have long to wait as they notice a football field in the distance acting as a beacon for them. Hawk, Dove, Donna and Dick head off to meet him head-on while the rest of the Titans stay behind.

Once they reach the stadium, they find our villain recharging his batteries from the spotlights around the ground. The former Titans meet him head-on but unfortunately Dr. Light gets the upper-hand, forcing the other Titans to retreat. When they return home, Dick is confronted by Jason, whom he knocks to the ground following a heated confrontation. As he heads off alone, Dick gets his anger out in the training room.

There, he meets Rose head-on, as the two of them spar and show off their moves. With Dick predominantly showing the power of defence, he gets the upper-hand and tells her there’s been enough fighting for one day as he leaves. While they fight, Rachel phones Kory and tells her about the problems she’s having controlling the darkness. Ditching her own kind, Kory heads off to help while Dick apologises to Hawk and promises to take Deathstroke down once and for all.

Going it alone to prove his worth, Jason comes across Dr Light in the subway tunnels and inevitably bites off more than he can chew. At least to begin with. He knocks Dr Light down and beats him repeatedly until Deathstroke appears. Hearing his screams from afar, Gar rushes to the scene only to find a trail of blood leading off into the darkness.

With more action and a great blend of character development and drama, Titans delivers its best episode of the season as the combined threat of Dr. Light and Deathstroke proves to be a formidable team. With the objective inevitably changing to one of rescue, Jason’s capture pushes the Titans into an uncomfortable position of facing the past and trying to take down Slade Wilson.

Another good one this week, Titans bows out with its strongest episode of the season as all eyes point toward a dramatic showdown with Deathstroke sooner rather than later.


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