‘Tis Time for “Torture,” Princess – Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

In the opening scene of ‘Tis Time for “Torture,” Princess Episode 4, the Hell Lord calls upon Torture Tortura. He then proceeds to question her about her inability to elicit useful information from the princess. Consequently, he starts to question her competence at work. Then he tells her she’ll lose her job if she doesn’t torture him.

Following this, Torture Tortura decides to offer a can of beer to the Hell Lord and torture him. At first, the Hell Lord says the canned beer isn’t all that appetising because he’s had the finest beers. However, he can’t resist the temptation as soon as she pours the beer in a way that makes a lot of froth. He initially attempts to resist, but eventually gives in.

The next scene takes place in the prison, where Gilga is shown torturing Ex, the princess’s sword, in order to gather information. She decides to show the sword the sensation of being sharpened before she stops the process. Since he wants to be sharpened even more, Ex gives in to the torture and spills the beans. He goes on to reveal the fact that the demon sword Murasa and fire sword Amon are lovers. Following that, he takes pleasure in an enjoyable session of sharpening.

Beastmaster Krall is featured in the third act to tempt the princess with the paws of Mad Wolf, the pet wolf she adores. At first, the princess isn’t charmed by the scent of the paws. Nevertheless, she caves and finds pleasure in it in the end. After this, Krall extends an invitation to her home, where she will introduce the princess and the others to her other furry companions.

Part four of the episode features an appearance by Maomao, the daughter of the Hell Lord. She escorts the princess to a park where she plays games to entice her. This brings back a memory of her childhood when the princess was forbidden to play in parks. Consequently, she caves in at the last minute, and the four of them have a blast playing together.

The Episode Review

In episode 4, Torture Tortura aims to entice the scary Hell-Lord, putting her torture tactics to the test. On the other hand, Ex goes through the agonising bliss that is typically reserved for the princess.

The episode’s plot is lighthearted and rather predictable, much like the previous ones. The one redeeming quality of this episode was its attempt to shake up the formulaic storyline that had been running throughout the series.

Having said that, some people might not like the show. However, if you’re looking for something to watch following a more complex show, these stories might serve as a palate cleanser.

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