‘Tis Time for “Torture,” Princess – Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

‘Tis Time for “Torture,” Princess Episode 3 begins with Youki and Inki paying a visit to the princess in her cell. They extend an invitation for her to accompany them to an amusement park. Having said that, the princess has her concerns about the demon guard letting her leave the prison cell. Nonetheless, her friends advise her to risk it and ask the guard.

As a consequence, the princess approaches the demon guard and requests permission to go to an amusement park with her new companions. The prison guard grants her request to leave, but only if she divulges a secret of her kingdom. The princess makes a valiant effort to hold off on going to the theme park at first. However, in the end, she caves and tells the demon guard the secret code to her kingdom.

The Demon Lord assigns his daughter to torment the princess into divulging something else in the following part as he was unable to utilise her confession to overthrow her kingdom. When Maomao, daughter of the demon king, visits the cell, the princess thinks she is adorable. By enticing the princess with bubble wrap, Maomao hopes to elicit information from her. The princess isn’t initially tempted, but she caves since she can’t bear to watch Maomao fail at her task.

Following this, the princess tells the demon king something new: on Sundays, her kingdom’s protection is weak. Unfortunately, he doesn’t find the information helpful since he has anime to watch on Sundays.

The demon guard offers the princess some Chinese food in the third part of the episode. At first, the princess tries to fight off the urge. Eventually, though, she caves and divulges yet another secret of her kingdom.

Later that night, a man from the princess’ Kingdom puts a sleeping spell around the princess’ cell and attempts to rescue her from the cell. Unfortunately, at the last minute, the princess lets go of him as he uses magic to return her, and he vanishes alone, leaving her behind.

The Episode Review

The third episode features the princess’s torturous ordeal with bubble wrap, broth dumplings, as well as an amusement park excursion. Fortunately, a heroic figure arrives to save the day.

This episode, like the ones before it, targets a specific demographic. Despite its humorous tone, the episode is dull and repetitive. Even though the show has grown tediously predictable, it may nevertheless appeal to those seeking the comfort of predictability.

In terms of story progression, the episode fails miserably. Even the characters don’t appear to have much going for them. We’re only three episodes in, so here’s hoping things get better from here on out.

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