‘Tis Time for “Torture,” Princess – Episode 1 Recap & Review

Episode 1

The Princess and the imperial army go to war with the Hellhorde in the first scene of ‘Tis Time for “Torture,” Princess Episode 1. As soon as we lay eyes on the Princess and her formidable sword Excalibur, we can see that she possesses extraordinary potential. A monster’s arrival catches the troops unexpectedly. Nevertheless, the princess bravely fights and eventually defeats it.

The scene then switches to the princess in a prison cell with her sword Excalibur. The fact that the Hellhorde’s army has captured her is immediately revealed. Not long after that, the topmost interrogator of demons, who has scarlet eyes, arrives, prepared to torment the princess until she reveals everything that she knows.

We quickly see that the demon interrogator resorts to unusual methods of torture. Initially, she uses toast and stew as bait to entice the princess into answering her questions. In an instant, the princess gives in and offers her confidential information about the Imperial army.

The demon interrogator discovers through a head connection that the princess’s information is insufficient for the Hellhordes to destroy the Imperial army. Following this, to get answers, the demon interrogator uses Takoyaki to torture the princess. The princess eventually gives in to the interrogator’s pressures and reveals the location of the imperial army’s secret weapon storage facilities.

Not long after that, the demon interrogator reports back to the overlord. It seems, nevertheless, that the information is insufficient to defeat the Imperial army.

Consequently, the demon interrogator uses Ramen as a temptation to the princess this time. The princess discloses crucial details to the¬†interrogator yet again. However, the information still isn’t sufficient to defeat the Imperial army.

The episode ends with two demon interrogators offering to torture the princess to get answers.

The Episode Review

In the first episode, the royal princess is captured by the evil Hellhorde, but she fights back with all her strength. At least until the Grand Inquisitor starts using weirder torture methods.

Neither the plot nor the characters in the episode are fascinating or notable. Furthermore, there is nothing captivating or entertaining about the episode; it is repetitive and dull.

That being said, we got just what we were promised from the show. The show also succeeds in making viewers hungry, what with all the mouth-watering food on show and the delightful descriptions of it.

The episode as a whole fails to make a significant impression. However, the episode does make you appreciate food. I would say this is a below-average watch.


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