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Episode 7 of Tiny Pretty Things begins with Bette continuing to shine inside the dance studio while Topher tells the guys they all have a physical coming up, calling them all “fatsos.”

Not long after, Nabil heads into hospital and hugs Cassie…who’s hand suddenly moves. It looks like she may be waking up. Sienna phones and tells him that he’s being offered a European tour but he’s reluctant to go because of what happened with Cassie.

June loses her job at the bar but she’s made Bette’s understudy instead. In doing so, Monique tasks her with signing a nondisclosure document.

Meanwhile, Cruz learns Shane was in Cassie’s room the night of the push deleting an email. However, this would mean Bette was never in her room. Instead, Cruz turns her attention to Esme, believing she may have answers instead. Cruz heads up to the rooftop and confronts Esme, pushing her near the edge until she caves and blurts out she was with Oren that night. Seriously, what kind of manhandling is this? Cruz could have pushed her over the edge!

Bette meanwhile begins stirring things up with her sister, telling Delia that Ramon tried to instigate a threesome. The weird affair between Monique and Caleb continues too, with Monique even going so far as to kiss Ramon behind his back. As we soon find out however, it was Monique all along who was sending him text messages all this time.

The boys all start having their weight taken but Oren is up 3 pounds. Topher tells him it’s a good thing, especially as he’s putting muscle on, but he’s clearly rattled. Elsewhere, Delia confronts Ramon and winds up leaving him after the accusations against him.

Paige seems to be suffering the same abuse June was, eventually seeing June alongside Neveah to try and comfort her. In order to catch Travis in the act, June goes undercover and acts completely out of character with the questions she asks him.

I’m not quite sure how Travis hasn’t figured anything out but he spills the truth about everything, including how Monique is the one he works for. However, June’s not-so-subtle questions see her run into problems as he finally figures out she’s recording their conversation.

On the way home though, the girls lose control of their car and crash by the side of the road. Bette is completely cut up while June happens to be across the road without a scratch – despite being thrown out the car. Delia and Oren show up too as Neveah blames herself, telling them all she’s to blame because she’s trying to fix something in her own life.

The next day, Cruz finds the email Shane sent, matching up his alibi. Elsewhere, Oren tells Neveah a secret in the dance studio but we don’t see what that is. Elsewhere, Nabil greets Cassie’s parents at the hospital where he learns Cassie’s situation is deteriorating and they’re thinking about pulling the plug.

The Episode Review

What is going on with all these affairs and back-stabbings? This is quickly turning into a soap opera and the story is going downhill. All these subplots are collapsing into themselves and worse, none of the characters are really growing or evolving.

There’s no heartbreak on the back of Oren and Bette breaking up, the situation with Neveah’s Mum has just been forgotten and Monique’s weird affairs with Ramon and Caleb don’t make any sense.

And speaking of which, how could Monique have sent messages to Ramon when she was standing right in front of his face at the party during the first episode?

To try and be edgy, this series has included a lot of sex scenes too. Every episode features around 5 minutes of love making and I’m not quite sure why. I have nothing against it but I can’t help but feel the series would be so much better without them.

Tiny Pretty Things is far too long as well; we’ve had a lot of filler across this season and this episode in particular does very little to progress the main plot line again. Let’s hope with the remaining episodes that this one actually kicks it up a gear and injects some urgency.

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