Tiny Pretty Things – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

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We begin episode 6 of Tiny Pretty Things with the kids all gathering together moments after Cassie falls from the roof. All of them decide to concoct a similar story as they reinforce that whatever happened was an accident…but was it?

Back in the present, auditions continue as they all soon learn that 3 students are going to dance in a music video. Monique briefs them on Sienna’s wishes as each of the students introduce themselves to her. The one who doesn’t – Nabil – is approached by Sienna personally and told he should dance.

Neveah’s mother has been released from prison and she greets Neveah and Monique warmly at the studio. She does her best to play up the loving Mother role, wishing her daughter luck. Inside the dance hall, the three kids chosen for the video happen to be Nabil, Bette and Neveah.

That evening, Neveah’s Mum takes her daughter out but Neveah is worried that her focus won’t be on the ballet and she’ll lose her chance to shine.

June heads back to work and learns she’s been promoted to the Patron’s Lounge. Once inside she finds a familiar face in Travis. It seems like he’s the reason she’s been promoted. Anyway, she makes a good stack of tips that evening and eventually heads out into the pool with Travis. Only, he starts touching her up which makes her incredibly uncomfortable, eventually leading to her making a hasty retreat.

Bette heads back to see Matteo; her injury is causing big problems and she asks him for more pain meds. Only, his Mother happens to be there and encourages her to head in for dinner. It’s an awkward affair but one that sees them both very slowly starting to grow closer together. After dancing and a pleasant enough evening, Bette eventually winds up kissing him. She asks for the pills again but he refuses, prompting Bette to leave in a huff.

That evening, Shane heads out on a “booty call” with a guy called Jason. As we soon find out later on, his name isn’t actually Jason and he’s on ta board of directors.

Bette heads to hospital where Cruz confronts her over the “cast list” she’s found that belongs to her. Bette is predictably cagey, leading her to Shane who admits that he was “up” with Oren the night in question. Unfortunately, his statement throws Oren under the bus.

This is only made worse when Oren and Shane are both interviewed by Cruz and give conflicting stories. Oren says he was with Bette while Shane admits that he was with Oren. Someone is lying and this is only made worse when Oren finds out Bette had an argument with Cassie that night. Eventually, Bette breaks up with Oren but she’s clearly in a rough way as she begins snorting drugs.

June meanwhile, stands up for himself in front of Travis who threatens her, kicking the girl out of the Lounge and sending her home sobbing that night.

Meanwhile, Cruz winds up having bad dreams about Cassie as she awakens and lifts up her rug, revealed dried blood stains across her floor. Was she the one responsible for killing Cassie?

Anyway, June tells Monique the truth about the abuse she was suffering at the Bar. In turn, Monique rings Hadrian when she leaves and tells him they have a problem.

The Episode Review

The first 25 minutes of this episode do absolutely nothing to progress the plot. Between Bette heading over to Matteo’s and the music video sub-plot, there’s little here to suggest this isn’t a massive dollop of filler.

However, the second half actually does an okay job with the investigation, pushed forward somewhat by Officer Cruz who begins questioning the different kids. She’s clearly hiding something of her own and I can’t help but feel she may have a part to play in what happened to Cassie. But yet, how could she get away with blood stains all over her floor?

For now though, the show leaves the door wide open for the rest of the season and quite where this one will go next, remains to be seen.

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2 thoughts on “Tiny Pretty Things – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review”

  1. Hey Thor, thanks for commenting!

    The flashbacks we received were obscure and not fully fleshed out to explain what happened. I did assume that’s where the blood stains came from but surely she wouldn’t have left blood stains there – let alone covering it up with a rug which seems super suspect.

    As these recaps are written “in-the-moment” I appreciate some of the commentary at the end may not reflect what happens in later episodes but I was hoping they’d elaborate on this a little more.

    Thanks again for commenting!

    -Greg W

  2. Ermm, have you not seen the flashbacks of Cruz finding the bleeding body of (probably) her girlfriend in her flat? That’s where those blood stains are from. This is most likely the woman who’s grave she was visiting in a previous episode. In the flashbacks Cruz is seen trying to resuscitate the woman, obviously without success. Finding Cassie lying in the street must have brought this traumatic event back, hence Cruz’ desperate – and this time, successful – attempt to save her life.

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