Tiny Pretty Things – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Class Act

Neveah awakens at the beginning of episode 3 of Tiny Pretty Things in hospital next to Cassie. With her dorm-room out of the question, she’s decided sleeping in the seat next to Cassie in hospital is the better option. Cruz is there too and tells her that Nabil may be the one who’s after her, claims that she’s his new obsession.

Auditions continue and Selena arrives to inform the girls that the season opener is that evening. Neveah volunteers to be an usher, just as Nabil puts his name forward as well. Neveah calls him out for this and gives him the cold shoulder.

At the theatre, Neveah meets Delia and then dances with Nabil. Only, Neveah tells him he “creeps her out”, prompting Nabil to show how unhappy he is; especially given she too thinks that he pushed his girlfriend off the rooftop.

Alan gets the results of Bette’s x-ray back but there’s nothing there to suggest she has a stress fracture. DuBois decides to go based on the x-ray but Alan is not so sure this is a good idea. Still, DuBois has the final call and this sends Bette back into practice again. Ramon keeps Bette behind after auditions though and dances with her, encouraging the girl to open up.

They’re not the only ones opening up though, as outside Shane and Oren decide to dance in the street for a large crowd. As Shane jokes about food afterwards, Oren takes offence and leaves. When he does, he lies in bed with Bette and realizes how bad her foot actually is.

With June ready to leave for public school in New York, Monique’s hands are tied and she’s not able to keep the girl there. Despite her pleas, June takes desperate measures and decides to try an emancipation. Bette promises to help June after wrapping up her foot.

Up on the rooftop, Neveah greets Nabil and demands to know what’s going on after showing half of the ripped photo she has. “What happened to her; she deserve it!” He cries, before leaving the rooftop and more questions hanging over his credibility.

Neveah instead turns her attention to Caleb, recruiting him to her cause. Together, they begin rooting through Nabil’s stuff for clues. There, they find the picture of Cassie and even a cut up bra too.

Later that day, a man behind Neveah bumps into her and knocks the girl to the ground. It looks like she may have been pushed but thinks it’s Nabil, especially given he’s right there when she falls. It turns out it was actually Caleb, which started a chain reaction but for now Neveah doesn’t know this.

That evening, Neveah confronts Nabil about what happened and it turns out he took his anger out on the bikini after ripping up the photo. He knows Cassie lied to her and wanted to get revenge – this was the only way he knew how. After this, the pair start to grow closer together.

While they work, Nabil starts to feel uneasy around Officer Cruz being at the gala and believes he’s there to keep an eye on him. Caleb meanwhile, approaches Monique and continues to push the narrative about Nabil.

At the same time, June approaches Alan and tries to convince him to be her temporary guardian while the emancipation goes through. Topher however, doesn’t want to bring in “another stray” and refuses to entertain the notion.

A drunk Bette upstages herself after the show until Oren takes her outside for some air. While he does, Cruz eventually grabs Nabil and knocks him to the ground after he knocks a drink over her.

Cruz claims he “assaulted an officer” but Monique shows up and tries to help down at the station, especially given all the officers have is hearsay and a cut up bikini that could be anything.

Back in the dorm rooms, Shane and Oren come to blows about their steamy affair. Shane eventually heads to the roof and starts crying as Ore breaks everything off. Neveah shows and tries to comfort him. However, Shane comforts himself by dancing.

Afterwards, Neveah hugs June in their room and they seem to patch up their differences. Alongside Bette and Neveah, they approach June’s Mother and hand over the papers regarding emancipation. So I guess this trio are back on the same page it seems!

As the episode closes out, Neveah arrives at Cassie’s room and starts massaging her muscles, ready for when she wakes up. Afterward, Nibal holds Neveah’s hand and eventually ends up kissing her.

The Episode Review

With more drama this time around, some of the more interesting subplots are drowned out by the constant over-acting and some incredulous character decisions. The twist at the end with Neveah and Nabil kissing may seem like a nice inclusion of shock but it makes no sense narratively and the pair have zero chemistry together either. I certainly didn’t see this coming and I don’t think many others will buy their romance either. And that’s before mentioning the fact they’re doing that right in front of a comatose Cassie too!

What business does Neveah have in Cassie’s room? She clearly doesn’t know the girl but now rocks up at hospital like they were buddies. This seems pretty suspect although it would be a good twist if it turns out Neveah was the one responsible for pushing Cassie.

Elsewhere, the issues between Shane, Bette and Oren are easily the stand-outs here, with the latter experiencing some serious body image problems. That’s before mentioning his sexual desires toward Shane and it makes for quite the conflicting and fascinating bout of drama.

Of course, that’s with Bette stuck in the middle of these two and striving to impress her Mother no matter what – even sacrificing her own body to make her happy. In fact, this is probably the most tragic aspect of the story and I like that Bette’s been given a good amount of screen-time to show she’s not just a pretty face that throws money around to get her way. Hopefully we see more of these three as the season goes on.


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