Tigers on the Rise (2024) Documentary Review – Can tigers and humans live peacefully together?

Can tigers and humans live peacefully together?

Would you like to share your landscape with a fierce carnivore? Many of us would be quick to run if we saw a tiger strolling nearby, although that would be a foolish thing to do, as it would think we were its prey. 

This situation isn’t one most of us have to think about but for the people of Bhopal, where they share their city with the rising tiger population, lessons need to be learned to ensure they can live peacefully with their curious and carnivorous neighbours. 

Tigers on the Rise, a companion piece to Tiger, both of which are available to watch on Disney+, gives us a fascinating insight into life in India, and how some communities are having to adapt their way of living to ensure a safer place for both themselves and the growing tiger population.

Tigers are moving to cities because of the rise in their number. They are running out of space in their jungle sanctuaries, so are leaving the forests behind to start life anew in villages, towns, and cities. 

The situation is a tricky one for farmers whose cattle are easy prey for hungry tigers. However, we meet Dr. Bilal Habib, one of the country’s top tiger experts, who comes up with a solution to this pressing problem. He and his team paint eyes on the cows’ tail ends, something these lumbering animals don’t seem happy about, but at least it serves as protection from tigers, who think they are being watched by the animals’ behinds. 

Bilal’s concern isn’t only for farmyard animals. He’s responsible for protecting the tigers too, some of whom travel thousands of miles to get to a city, but who then have to turn back when they are faced with a busy highway. In the jungle, crocodiles and bears are two of the biggest dangers to these animals. But on the highway, cars, trucks, and a plethora of other vehicles are hazards that could prove lethal. 

Bilal’s solution to this problem? Lift the highway, so the tigers can cross safely beneath. It’s a fantastic idea, but it causes problems to city residents who need to take care when wandering around the city. As we discover in the documentary, fatalities can occur when people work late in the local forests where tigers mistake them for prey. 

Despite the dangers inherent within a tiger/human population, the Indian government are spending billions of dollars to ensure tigers can roam freely around the country. It’s a decision that is costly but one that is needed to ensure the survival of the tiger population. Human life is not disregarded, as teams go into schools to teach children about tiger safety, and these children in turn pass on what they have learned to their parents. 

Is it possible to live peacefully with a tiger? It would appear so, as demonstrated by the people working hard to ensure safety for all. The documentary sheds light on this work and the passion of those who devote their lives to safeguarding both human and animal populations. 

Outside of this work, we spend time with Indian filmmakers Pooja Rathod and Kalyan Varma, two of the many camera people responsible for the documentary Tiger, which followed a tigress and her four cubs. We see them at work filming these tigers, making Tigers on the Rise a must-see for anybody wanting to know how Tiger was filmed. 

Many tigers in India don’t survive because of their conflict with humans. But thanks to those who are invested in their preservation, there’s a chance that they will thrive and survive, ensuring a happier future for tiger parents and their offspring. The work that is being done to educate local people will ensure a better future for them too.

Tigers on the Rise is an inspirational examination of the work being done to protect both species, so can be recommended to anybody wondering how tigers can co-exist with people. It can be recommended to nature lovers too, as like Tiger before it, this documentary features some wonderful shots of nature that have been made possible by Pooja, Kalyan, and the rest of the courageous camera crew. 


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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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