Thursday’s Widows – Episode 5 “The Maldonado Family” Recap & Review

The Maldonado Family

Thursday’s Widows episode 5 sheds light on Gustavo and Carla Maldonado. Of all the couples in Altos de las Cascadas, we have barely gotten to know them. Carla first saw the house on her birthday after Gustavo bought it as a gift. She tried to be excited for Gustavo’s sake, who was ready to settle and mark his territory in Altos de las Cascadas. 

Gustavo wanted new furniture and didn’t care whether the old stuff in their former apartment had sentimental value to Carla. He was also excited to have children when they were ready. Carla wanted them to wait, and Gustavo promised they would. 

Soon, Gustavo started playing tennis with Tano and was initiated into the Thursday boys’ hangout at Tano’s house. As Gustavo settled well into Altos de las Cascadas, Carla had trouble fitting in. Gustavo wanted her to be a housewife, a shiny, beautiful woman on his arm. He didn’t want her to work even though she studied design. Gustavo insisted she join Mariana in her painting classes. 

He also wanted them to exercise and maintain a healthy body. He tells Carla he doesn’t want her to add weight, and Carla gets pissed. However, Gustavo gaslighted her to believe she was the one in the wrong and that he was joking. He claims he is working his ass off to give her the life of a queen in  Altos de las Cascadas and he has the right to make a joke without her getting angry or raising her voice at him.

As days passed, Gustavo found his footing in the boys’ club.  On the other hand, Carla joined the painting classes and met Carmen. Remember, Carmen is Alfredo’s ex-wife, currently dating a woman, Rosa. Carmen sees her younger self in Carla and listens to her vent about how controlling Gustavo has gotten. Carmen advises her to run for the hills, and Rosa senses Carla is pregnant and warns her to be cautious. One night, Ramona and Juandres spy on Gustavo, losing his patience with Carla and start to think he is crazy.

Carla tried her best to fit in and even went shopping with Lala. She allowed Lala to use Gustavo’s credit card to buy a puppy because Lala claimed she forgot hers. She promised to refund the money later, and Carla didn’t think much of it. Lala tried to convince Carla to get a puppy, saying it would help her decide if she and Gustavo were ready to be parents. 

Upon returning home, she found Gustavo seething, wanting to know what she did with the money. Carla explained, but Gustavo didn’t believe her and drove them to Lala’s house. There, they witnessed the De La Luna kids playing outside with their new puppy and drove away. Gustavo insisted she still lied and banned her from using his card without permission. 

Soon, Carla reached out to Mavi to help her create logos. Mavi explained she couldn’t afford to pay her, but Carla said she didn’t need a salary. She only wanted to work and keep herself busy. As the weeks passed, Carla tried to make up with Gustavo, and they were doing well. Carla confirmed she was pregnant but didn’t tell Gustavo, who started worrying about her adding weight.  

One afternoon, Mavi was summoned to Juandres’ school, and she was worried about him losing his scholarship. Carla decided to help with Mavi’s appointment and showed a new couple a house. Gustavo came home early that day and tried reaching Carla, but she failed to pick up her phone. 

Later, Carla met with Lala, who begged her to take the new puppy since they were leaving for Houston. Lala was sure the dog would be a great companion for the new couple. Carla was hesitant but couldn’t say no to Lala. 

She got home, and Gustavo slapped the living daylight out of her this time.  He later apologized, blaming his childhood. Carla realized she needed to start planning her exit strategy and asked Mavi to drive her to an abortion clinic.

She played cool and even pretended she would go on a vacation with Gustavo once her face healed. She waited for Gustavo to leave for work and packed her bags. Mavi helped her escape; Gustavo lost it when he returned to find her gone. Mavi was impressed by Carla’s guts to leave Altos de las Cascadas behind. She thinks it was easy for Carla to walk away because Altos was never her dream. 

Gustavo took his frustrations to the tennis court and hurt his hand. Tano used his depression after Carla left to convince him to join him and Martín on their suicide mission.

The Episode Review

We finally have the last piece of the puzzle about what led Gustavo to join Martín and Tano in the pool. Tano is quite manipulative; he manages to talk two men into killing themselves. He is like a vulture, sniffing out the men’s struggles and exploiting their weakened emotional state. 

This episode was also a bit triggering, given the subject matter. Sadly, Carla was abused in the relationship and had to flee for her safety. She also had to have an abortion because she knew Gustavo would never be a good father. He left the dog out in the cold, abused her and was tripping on his ego.

It was the right decision; thankfully, Mavi helped her through it all. Carla is brave, and her character is definitely going to be a fan favourite. She is easy to relate to among all the women in  Altos de las Cascadas.

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  1. Rubbish, trite, embarrassingly bad and excessive sex scenes and, critically, no likeable characters. Thanks for excellent analysis though 😊

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