Thursday’s Widows – Episode 4 “The De La Luna Family” Recap & Review

The De La Luna Family

Thursday’s Widows episode 4 takes us behind the scenes of the De La Luna family. Mavi describes the household as a small business, whereby each kid has their own nanny. There was Luna, the head nanny and they also had a pregnant dog, who unfortunately died during childbirth. 

Mavi found them already living in Altos de las Cascadas. Martín’s grandfather was the governor of the state, and the club was built during his tenure. It is rumoured that the house was a gift from the builders. Like all Mexican politicians, the De La Luna only had money when they won the elections. 

Given his grandfather’s great reputation, Martín thought it was time for the political party to show him enough respect and allow him to run for a Governor position. However, he had two things staked out against him. One, his father tarnished the family name by becoming a corrupt politician and fleeing the country before his arrest. 

The second, Martín’ lacked people’s skills and was a spendthrift. In other words, he was a burden and a liability to the political party. He lived beyond his means and flaunted his so-called wealth to the chagrin of many citizens. So far, he has proven to be an incompetent leader.  He overestimated his importance and threatened to quit, and they gladly let him go. At the same time, Lala informed him they were pregnant. 

Martín decided to run as an independent candidate and recruited one of his former employees, Monica, at the political party to run his campaign. Tano joined  Martín in his effort to find private sponsorship for his campaign. They were sure that the Governor’s seat was a sure bet as they planned the theme and message of the campaign.  They even offered to pay for Monica’s new closet so she could look the part. 

However, reality soon dawned on  Martín as he kept signing cheques for the campaign. To make matters worse, his ranking on the poll kept going down. Lala realized they were in trouble and started firing their employees one after another. She claimed they were about to begin renovations on the house each time. She and the kids tried their best to help with  Martín’s campaign, but it didn’t help. 

Soon, Martín could not pay the bills, and the cheques kept bouncing. Monica’s pay cheque also failed to go through. This was when Tano approached him with the options Alfredo gave.  Martín was on the verge of losing hope and wanted to be worthy of his family and secure their future.

Tano tells him about a movie regarding a man who killed himself to avoid facing his failure. According to Tano, the man died a dignified death. He lets Martín contemplate his next choice. 

Martín tries to reach out to his friends, including Alfredo, but they refuse to be part of his campaign. Alfredo suggests he get a loan from a guy named Ramos. Martín takes up the suggestion and meets Ramos and his wife. Unfortunately, they want Martín and Lala to join them in bed. Ramos’ wife even goes as far as kissing Lala without her consent. Later, Lala wonders if they should have accepted the offer, but Martín says he will never put her through that. 

In the meantime, Martín has hopes he will get a loan and hire Monica back. Monica informs him that she returned to the political party and reminds him he owes her money. The bank also reached out a few days later and declined his loan request. Things get bleaker as the days go by. Martín is forced to sell the kids puppies to make ends meet. They lose water and electricity after failing to pay their bills. 

The kids are afraid to sleep in the dark, so Lala improvises and makes it a camping night. One of the cousins of their employees drops by and helps them illegally tap into the electricity and water from their neighbour’s lines. Mavi admits she was also running behind on her payments and was scared to be caught. In the meantime, the neighbours began gossiping about the financial status of the De La Lunas. 

The kids start wondering if they are now poor, and Lala decides to get a new puppy to convince them everything is fine. She also tries to comfort  Martín, who feels guilty for ruining their lives. Ultimately, it all got to her, and she started losing hope, too. She admits to Martín that she is tired, especially with most of her servants gone.  

Martín suggests they take his dad’s offer and move to Houston. Lala is initially against this as she wants all her kids to be born in Mexico. They argue over whether that is important or not. 

As their options narrow, Lala comes to terms with moving to Houston. She pretends to be organising a Christmas charity event for their foundation. Sadly, everyone knew the De La Lunas were in over their heads in debt and needed every penny. However, Lala stuck to her story like glue. This is something Mavi admired about her. 

As the holiday season came around, the De La Lunas barely had anything in their house, not even a bed for their kids. Martín loses it and goes to the golf club to vent his anger, blame God and cry. Wagner finds him crying and asks if he is okay. 

The scene cuts to 26th December; Martín is naked and looks like he is out of his mind. Ronnie leaves, and  Martín and Tano continue to chant and shout. Later, we see the girls drop Lala home from their night out. As she heads to the house, the lights shut off for a few seconds, and Martín is seen getting electrocuted in the pool.

The Episode Review

It is hard to feel sorry for Martín; this was a fate he chose because he let his ego and pride get the best of him. He was so used to privilege he thought he would enjoy it for the rest of his life. He barely worked but wanted to be treated as a king and ride on his grandfather’s legacy. He did nothing to make a name for himself. Lala is a victim of circumstance; she is married and loves the man. 

It is almost funny seeing Teresa on her high horse, thinking she is better off than Lala or Mavi. She has no idea her husband is in the same boat. He is pretty much the captain of the ship, steering these men to their deaths!

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