Thursday’s Widows – Episode 2 “The Scaglia Family” Recap & Review

The Scaglia Family 

Thursday’s Widows episode 2 starts with Mavi telling us more about Tano Scaglia. He was a man who always got what he wanted, even in death. Tano came from a well-known family in the area. His family owned one of the country’s biggest food chains, but Tano wanted to play with the big boys in the business world.

Through a flashback, we see the first time Mavi met them when she showed their current home in Altos de las Cascadas. Initially, Tano wanted to buy the house through a mortgage but changed his mind after hearing another client offered to buy the house in cash. As consequences will later prove, it was a bad idea. Tano and his family kept spending more than they should.

We circle back to a few months before the untimely death of Tano; he got a message from the head office in the Netherlands alerting him that a man named Erick was in town. Tano wanted to give the best impression and had no time to have sex with Teresa that morning. After hearing Erick is in town, Teresa orders Tano to ask to be relocated to Miami. Conversely, Tano wants to play safe and talk with Erick before jumping to conclusions and making demands. 

Teresa sees him and the kids off. On the school bus, Matías notices that Juandres has some weed. However, Juandres refuses to share and insists on saving it for Ramona. Matías seems interested in Juandres, who only has eyes for Ramona.

As the day drags on, Teresa works on her garden; she deems herself a landscape architect. She uses this as an opportunity to flirt with Uriel, the gardener, subtly. Lala visits and asks a favour. In her excitement, Teresa reveals they will be moving to Miami and swears Lala to secrecy. However, it doesn’t take long for Lala to tell the other ladies.

All of them are happy for Teresa and her family. Mabi asks if they will give her the business, and Teresa says yes but uses this as an opportunity to touch on Mavi’s recent financial struggles. For a moment, Mavi contemplated killing her.

In the meantime, Tano arrives at the office and finds Erick is already in a meeting in one of the conference rooms. Erick says there is no problem and asks to speak after his meeting. Tano is surprised and heads to his office to wait. Later, Erick informs him that he has been fired following a merger with a Japanese company. Erick is sure Tano has enough money to sustain him for a year, and Tano insists he will be fine. Tano is on the verge of going bankrupt and has no fresh source of income, so he has to find a resolution quickly. 

After school, Pedro hangs out with Matías, who tries to convince him to jerk off while watching porn. Pedro refuses, and Matías teases him.

Later that evening, Tano and Ronnie play golf, and Tano is not his usual chipper self. Ronnie wonders if there is trouble, but Tano denies anything is wrong. A few days later, one of his friends tries to dissuade him from moving from Miami. He suggests Tano go to work for his family, but the latter says he would rather kill himself.

The tension gets to Tano, who starts venting at the kids when they annoy him. Meanwhile, Teresa is caught by Uriel while masturbating and shouting his name. Uriel tries to offer himself to her, but she kicks him out and fires him. 

Elsewhere, Alfredo talks with Tano after finding out he was fired. Tano threatens to kill him if he tells anyone. Alfredo brings up an old family that used to live in Cascadas, the Portelas. He reveals he got the husband to take out a huge life policy and kill himself, making it look like an accident. He argues the best way for Tano to safeguard his family’s future is to make Teresa a widow. Tano is interested and asks what his options are.

At home, Teresa tries to put the kids in check. Especially Matías, who is bullying his young sister Sofí and using drugs he stole from Juandres. Meanwhile, Tano grows more frustrated as Teresa continues to make plans to move to Miami. They get into a fight, and he lies that a lot is going on at work. Tano feels that his family is unappreciative, and Teresa says she is struggling too. It is not easy to keep everything together, and Tano apologises for his outburst. 

A few days later, Mavi spots Tano at a cafe in the city and asks the waiter how often Tano visits. She learns that he is there every day, and this alarms her. She says she couldn’t ignore what this revelation meant. Teresa makes her move first when she reports Juandres for using drugs at school. Juandress is on the blacklist, and Teresa calls Mavi to inform her. 

Elsewhere, Tano buys a gun and starts plotting his death. Teresa is too obsessed with planning the Christmas Party and Lala’s farewell party on the 26th to notice the changes in Tano’s demeanour. Things worsen as Altos de las Cascadas celebrates Christmas at the Scaglia house.  Teresa asks about Juandres, and Mavi says he is doing better. She tells Teresa about Tano and asks if there is trouble. Teresa is surprised and insists everything is good. 

The party is overwhelming for Tano, and he tries to commit suicide in his car. His daughter finds him before he can pull the trigger, and he aborts his plan. He assures Sofí that he is fine and gives a speech at the party. He announces they will be moving to Miami soon and plans to follow his dreams and open his own company. Teresa is shocked to hear this but keeps her calm and smiles lovingly as Tano ends the speech with a toast to her. 

She later confronts Tano, and he lies that starting his company is best for their family. Teresa offers her support and says she has faith in him. He is a man who gets what he always wants, after all! The party ends on a high note as fireworks cover the sky, but Tano seems sad as he watches the show.

The following day, he prepares to have drinks with his friends as usual. He also makes sure he stages the perfect accidental death ever. Lastly, he gets his wife a gift and makes love to her. He keeps complimenting her and thanks her for being a good wife.

After Teresa leaves, he calls Alfredo and reminds him of the day’s plan. Alfredo tells him, “Together for eternity.” Tano prepares his gun as Gustavo, Ronni, and Martín arrive.

The Episode Review

At this point, it is clear that Tano planned his death, but we are uncertain how he convinced Martín and Gustavo to join him. It is also ironic that Alfredo tells Tano they are together for eternity when he is not planning on killing himself. It is disturbing that he put this idea into Tano’s head and has him believing it is his only option. 

On the other hand, given Tano’s ego and pride, we are not surprised he opted to die rather than face his family and ask for help. This is deeply sad and reminds us to check on the mental health of those around us.

This episode told us more about the Scaglia’s, but some scenes felt needless. They didn’t add much to the story and could have been omitted. We now know what drove Tano to his death. Let’s dive into episode 3 to learn about the other families in Altos de las Cascadas!

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