Through My Window: Across The Sea (2023) Ending Explained – Do Ares and Raquel end up together?

Through My Window: Across The Sea Plot Summary

After Ares moves to Stockholm to pursue a career of his choice and learn medicine, he finds himself slacking off his studies because he is too busy trying to maintain his long-distance relationship with Raquel. Raquel too is not able to keep up in class or live normally as a college student because she is stuck texting, sexting and calling Ares whenever she is free.

After being sick and tired of the distance between them, Ares returns to Barcelona to reunite with Raquel over the summer. While Ares and Raquel try to spend most of their time with each other, making out/up for lost time, Yoshi and Daniela tag along, not leaving enough space for the two together.

At the same time, Ares’ older brother Artemis is hooking up with the Hidalgo family maid, Claudia, but refuses to tell his family about it. Meanwhile, Apolo tries to live his sexual fantasy by hooking up at the many summer pool parties that take place at the Hidalgo House.

What happens on Vera’s yacht?

The entire group, including the Hidalgo family, Claudia and their friends take the family yacht on the sea. Ares and Raquel decide to ditch the Hidalgo yacht and swim across the sea to the opposite side of the shore where they make love. On their way back to the boat, the couple runs into Ares’ friend – Vera.

Vera knows Ares from college and invites the couple over to her boat. That night, the youngsters get together for dinner, where Vera claims that Ares is not a good guy and Raquel is suspicious about something going on between the two in college.

Yoshi tells Ares that Raquel is on her way to publish her first novel which leaves Ares shocked that she kept this a secret from him. Vera talks to Raquel about her novel away from the rest of the group. Raquel tells Vera about her dad who used to be an author.

Who is Anna? How does she help Yoshi?

The group head to a nearby club to party, and Yoshi goes into the men’s room. A group of druggies try to bully him but Anna, the waitress at the club, comes in time to save him. She tackles the guy trying to go after Yoshi and asks him about his ring. Meanwhile, Daniela tells Raquel that she doubts Vera and Ares’ friendship but Raquel is sure they are just friends.

That night, Ares asks Raquel questions about Vera while Daniela sends a photo of Vera wearing Ares’ shirt to Raquel. Raquel tries to convince herself that he and Ares are only friends but their closeness makes it hard for her to trust him.

What does Gregory tell Raquel about Ares?

Yoshi and Raquel join the rest of the group on the shore where Anna shows up with her brother, Gregory. Gregory is Raquel’s classmate and someone who had asked Raquel out a couple of times. He assumes that Ares and Vera are dating but Raquel proves him wrong, kissing Ares by the shore. Ares dismisses Raquel when she asks him to join her for a swim but sits up to chat with Vera making her feel betrayed.

Gregory tells Raquel how Ares had dated the girl he was in love with for two weeks before moving on very easily. Anna tries to talk to Yoshi but he avoids her because he was still in love with Raquel. Since Claudia hasn’t returned to work, Artemis goes looking for her. He finds Claudia hugging and being friendly with a guy and is driven by rage.

What happens during the Truth or Kiss game?

The group gets back on the boat and Raquel proposes a truth or kiss game. During the game, Yoshi and Anna end up making out and then hooking up. The sex ends when Yoshi yells out Raquel’s name. Claudia gets back to work and a rage-driven Artemis makes her clean the stairs out of spite. Mrs Hidalgo and Claudia have an argument after which Artemis fires her.

Meanwhile, Raquel gets Daniela to ask Ares about his shirt being worn by Vera. Ares claims that he did not know how Vera got the shirt. Raquel asks Vera if she ever had sex with Ares but Vera refuses to answer the question, confirming Raquel’s doubts about the affair. Yoshi cheers Raquel up but Ares tries to clear things out with Raquel.

Do Ares and Raquel break up?

Ares claims that after getting drunk one night, he woke up in bed with Vera. He tells Raquel that he did not remember having sex with her but Raquel asks no further questions but packs her stuff from Ares’ room. Ares accuses Raquel of hiding their relationship from Gregory.

Ares claims that his grades were slacking off and that Vera had been there for him when he needed support which further hurts Raquel. Artemis misses Claudia while Anna asks Yoshi to hang out with her at the lighthouse later that night. Yoshi tells her that he had plans to go to a party which pisses Anna off. She wonders how many potential partners Yoshi has rejected because he’s still hung up on Raquel.

What happens to Yoshi at the party?

The group sans Ares, Vera and Anna go to the party where Raquel, Daniela and Yoshi dance together as singles. Yoshi is hopeful for his chances with Raquel but she ditches him to hook up with Gregory, who is also at the party. Daniela proposes that she and Apolo have a threesome with someone at the party.

Apolo picks a guy instead and the trio hook up. At the same time, Artemis goes to see Claudia at her apartment. Claudia makes Artemis wipe the floor as revenge and they end up hooking up. Artemis promises to tell his family about their relationship.

Meanwhile, Ares and Vera hang out and the two chat about the game. They end up trying to hook up but both Ares and Raquel stop their potential hookup with Vera and Gregory before it’s too late.

Yoshi steals the keys to a fellow partygoer’s bike. In his attempt to sneak out of the party and go to the lighthouse, Yoshi ends up crashing into the line of bikes. The accident also damages the electric pole, cutting out the lights from the entire vicinity and forcing everyone to come outside. Afraid of being caught, Yoshi races to the lighthouse on the bike. However, Yoshi ends up driving the bike off the cliff after being chased.

Does Yoshi die?

Ares takes his motorboat to find Yoshi and pulls out his lifeless body from the water. Raquel comes rushing to the shore when Ares tells her that Yoshi had died. At Yoshi’s funeral, Raquel loses her mind and yells because Yoshi’s body was dressed in black – a colour he hates. She scolds Ares for not being a competent enough doctor to save Yoshi’s life.

Ares tells Raquel that he had spent most of the year texting her which resulted in him being incompetent. The two split for good and Raquel spends the rest of the day giving her heartfelt eulogy to her now-deceased best friend.

During her eulogy, Raquel calls Ares temporary which prompts him to leave. Yoshi’s friends and family say goodbye to him with Raquel and Anna being the last ones to leave.

What happens at the end of Through My Window: Across The Sea?

Ares returns to Stockholm and gets back to studying. Raquel gets an email from her publisher and learns that Yoshi had sent her manuscript to the publisher without informing her before his death. The movie ends with Raquel’s novel, Through My Window, being approved. Raquel closes her window for good and refuses to meet Gregory. The sequel to Through My Window ends with a ‘To Be Continued’ note.


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