Thousand Below – Hell Finds You Everywhere | Album Review

Track Listing

Hell Finds You Everywhere
Face to Face
Clockwork Enemy
Next Time Around
Silent Season
Blue Roses Don’t Fade
All I Have Left To Give


Hell Finds You Everywhere is an atmospheric album, pulsing as it plays. Thousand Below is an act that performs for the out of luck; the people lost in their own private gutters, and the estranged who stand against the storm. Lyrically, the band directs the scenes with snapshots that offer so much in vividness and depth. Musically, the outfit play their instruments with precision and intent, absorbing every moment like a blood-covered bandage.

The band is a collective, which has the talent to take over the emo scene. Their music is so colossal, and their sound is louder than a thousand bells being battered. It may not be for everyone, but for the rock fans who love melancholic lyrics and breakneck guitar licks, it really is a masterclass.

There are 10 songs on this album. ‘Venenosa’ starts with screams and guitar trickery, while the clean vocals come in fast. The story keeps on going with ‘Sabotage’, which serves as a much slower song, but lifts when the chorus bursts through. The story conveys a brush with suicide. It’s a deep and poignant chronicle on this album, one that offers listeners a chance to reflect.

‘Silent Season’ meanwhile, begins with a child’s voice which adds suspense, then the chorus becomes this epic segment. Those guitar strokes breach through with urgency.

Thousand Below drag their demons to the slaughter with Hell Finds You Everywhere. The sound is so well rounded, and their dreams are valid, but the darkness tries to shroud everything.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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