This Is Us – Season 4 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Time Slips By

Following on from last week’s dramatic and cleverly written episode, This Is Us returns for another emotionally charged slice of drama, this time revolving around kids getting older and time slipping by.

In the past, Jack and Rebecca decide to take the kids to the pool; a way to reminisce on old times when the Big 3 were younger and more excited toward family trips. However, when they make it to the pool the kids head off on their own with their friends, leaving both Jack and Rebecca alone. Kevin embarrasses Randall infront of his friends while Rebecca watches Kate from afar. Sensing her mother’s presence, Kate tells her to leave before heading back over with her friends. Meanwhile, Randall and Kevin fight, leading the latter to question whether he’s a good person or not.

Unable to get through to Nicky, present day Kevin leaves a voicemail for him before finishing his movie and receiving some words of encouragement from a very special Director. Randall prepares to take office after winning the election last season and he returns home determined to have a Pearson fun day. However, with the kids getting older they aren’t as enthused as he hopes. Deja decides to ride the bus in preparation for school, but Randall freaks out when a stranger sits next to her after letting her ride alone. Meanwhile, Tess has her hair cut before they all head out together for their fun day.

As Kate and Toby grapple with their son being blind, half the Pearsons arrive, along with Anna, for a home meeting. There’s an awkwardness that descends over the house too as Kate tries to use humour to deflect any concerns before each of the Pearson’s take notes over potential hazards in each room. Midway through taking notes, Toby speaks to Rebecca about his stresses. Kate’s over-eating again and amidst all the stresses he’s going through, she’s the one at the top of his list. As they reconvene in the lounge, Kate talks about their new TV and how Jack will be able to see it, setting her off as she realizes what she’s just said.

Kevin and Kate have a touching moment together alone before addressing the family and telling them that hope will prevail in the house. As the episode closes out, one final montage sees all our characters preparing to take their next steps while Toby heads to the gym late at night to get his stress out.

Emotionally charged and personally relevant, This Is Us delivers a poignant episode this time around. I have two kids who I only see at the weekend and it’s regularly the highlight of my week. It seems like only yesterday my daughter was old enough to lie in my arms and my son’s innocence has slowly paved way for a maturing boy obsessed with football and able to hold an intelligent conversation about almost any topic. Watching this episode of This Is Us really struck a chord with me and made it that much more personable. For any other parents going through the same thing, I’d imagine this episode will have the same effect.

Out of all the characters in the show, Toby is the one I find myself constantly fascinated by. Managing to turn on a dime between fun-loving family friend, concerned husband and internally conflicted parent is testament to his acting prowess and going forward I feel his character will be one to watch here. This Is Us continues to impress and this season looks set to be a very interesting one.


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