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This is Not a Comedy Ending Explained: Does Gabriel leave Earth?

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This is Not a Comedy Plot Synopsis

Gabriel Nuncio is a down-on-his-luck comedian living in Mexico City. He can’t control anything in his life: not his income, not his work, and especially not the way others perceive him.

This is Not a Comedy is Gabriel’s story of seeking purpose in life. He gains perspective from his girlfriend Leyre, who has very unusual beliefs in the supernatural. And he’s hopeful when his friend Melisa asks him to help her have a child. But Gabriel finds that it’s hard to live the life he wants without compromising some ideals.

What do Melisa and Leyre want from Gabriel?

Gabriel’s friendship with Melisa and relationship with Leyre are two of the best things in his life. Leyre isn’t without her quirks, however. She believes the intergalactic confederation is coming for her and asks Gabriel to trek with her to a secret mountain called The Amethyst, where they will “become light.”

Gabriel turns her down. Leyre asks him if he has a reason to stay, and he does. Melisa has asked him for sperm so that she can have a child. This doesn’t mean she wishes him to be the father, but he still assumes that he will be a dad.

This dream is crushed whenever Melisa tells him she is pregnant–but not with his child. Rather, she and her boyfriend got back together and are starting a family.

What is Gabriel’s idea for a movie?

Gabriel may be a comedian, but his true passion is his movie script. It’s a drama about a woman named Sofia, who is sent on the first expedition to Mars, even knowing that she can never return to earth. Once she arrives, she realizes she is not the first human on the planet, and her place in history is lost.

Tragically, no one understands what he is trying to do with the script. They all assume that he writes a comedy, which he repeatedly denies. The mantra becomes so necessary, it’s as if Gabriel is defending not only his film, but his very nature as a complex human being. Time and again, he’s relegated to the position of “the comedian.” But Gabriel wants more out of life.

Does Leyre die?

We never learn how Leyre died. We are simply dropped into her (unconventional) memorial. At the service, Gabriel meets Leyre’s half-sister, Lili. Lili says that Leyre is dead as a human being, but is now someone else.

Lili tells Gabriel that she never believed in Leyre’s intergalactic confederation. However, “If Leyre wants to be light,” she says, “she should be light.”

How does This is Not a Comedy end?

The film skips ahead some time. Gabriel never could get his movie off the ground. Instead, he turned his idea into a pop-up book and now reads it to children. The end of the book, from the astronaut’s perspective, reads: “I traveled thousands of miles to find my place in the universe.”

This is Not a Comedy ends with Gabriel hearing Leyre’s voice as he’s driving. He stops the car and gets out. A light, as if from a spaceship, shines on him. He lifts his arms to greet it, and rises into the air, finally–literally–transcending this world.



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