This Fool – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

A Fresh Start

Who has the evil eye?

In episode 10 of This Fool season 1, Maria feels that someone has the evil eye. She tells Luis and Julio they both need to be cleansed. Julio says he has no time, but Luis volunteers. Maria goes through the cleansing, and it turns out that it was not Luis who had the evil eye.

Meanwhile, Julio trips and falls on his run. He sprains his ankle, while others laugh and record his fall. It’s just the beginning of his bad luck.

Does Luis get a job?

Luis shops for a suit for job interviews. He’s about to graduate, and the next step for him is joining the working world.

While shopping, he catches a kid stealing clothes. Luis chases him down. When he catches him, the owner of the shop hires Luis on the spot.

What happened to the $15 million check?

Ovens at Hugs Not Thugs explode, and it’s implied that this is due to Julio’s evil eye. Payne tells Luis and Julio they have an order they need ovens in order to complete.

They wonder why they need the order, as they just received $15 million. Payne says he lost the check and is waiting on a new one. In the meantime, they have to buy new ovens for the order.

They go see a man who shows them some ovens in his garage. While the seller goes to check on something, Payne tries to get Julio and Luis to help him steal the appliances. Luis refuses, insisting he’s a changed man.

So, Payne smashes the side of an oven to bring the price down. But as they roll the ovens toward the van, Julio’s bad luck kicks in. They roll away, smashing into the side of the van and causing it to explode.

They’re not going to fill that order, and they’re going to lose a big account.

Why does Hugs Not Thugs run out of money?

At graduation, Payne congratulates the last graduating class of Hugs Not Thugs. As of today, the organization is closing down.

He tells everyone they ran out of money. He shares with everyone that a billionaire was going to give them $15 million dollars. He was going to do it, because he’d do anything to save Hugs Not Thugs. However, they ripped up the check because, he says, “My P was too big for her V.” He hangs his head in shame, bemoaning that this fact has repeatedly ruined his life.

Luis cries out that they should all pull out their wallets to save this place. Payne stops him. They are $250,000 dollars in debt. He tells everyone to go ahead and strip the place of whatever furniture or knick-knacks they want.

Do Julio and Maggie break up?

Earlier, Julio and Maggie submitted an application for an apartment. Now, Julio has changed his mind.

He’s lost his job and won’t have money for a security deposit. Maggie insists that she can cover him. Or they can take it slow and live together in the apartment she already has.

Julio says it’s too small, but Maggie can see through. He finally admits he doesn’t want to move in together. He has too many doubts and thinks they’re together because it’s convenient.

Maggie cries, accusing him of having pulled this since high school. She kicks Julio out.

How does This Fool season 1 end?

Julio limps back home and takes Maria up on that cleansing. Afterward, she says he did have the evil eye, but he is now good as new.

Ana has taken over Julio’s old room since he committed to living with Maggie, so he has to move. He decides to crash with Luis in Esperanza’s shed. The cousins are ready for a fresh start.

The Episode Review

After the tension of last episode, this finale is rather anticlimactic. Everything kind of just… falls apart, without much pomp or circumstance, which also undermines the serious nature of what Payne had to go through at the hands of the Rowells.

It is implied that Julio is going to get a fresh start–and hopefully a better one now that he doesn’t have the evil eye–but he obviously still has much to learn after the horrible way he treated Maggie.

Season 1 ends in a tragedy for Hugs Not Thugs. Will it endure by some crazy measure, or will Payne and Julio have to move on? Hopefully, Julio can. Maybe, without having so many others to help, he can finally focus on his own problems.

Chris Estrada’s show has been a rollercoaster ride of funny and zany antics. And with that cliffhanger ending, we’re hopeful that Hulu will pick This Fool up for a second season.

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