This Fool – Season 1 Episode 8 “The Devil Made Me Do It” Recap & Review

The Devil Made Me Do It

Luis decides to make amends to the people he’s hurt in episode 8 of This Fool season 1. One of the first people to whom he apologizes tells him not to sweat it. He believes that every bad thing Luis has done is because of the devil.

Luis takes this to heart and burns his list of people he needs to apologize to. He’s now ready to live a guilt-free life.

Now that they’re back together, Maggie suggests that she and Julio get their own place. Julio agrees, but he doesn’t sound so enthusiastic. Neither is he happy when his nephew Aiden asks them both to be his godparents.

Julio can’t get Ana to replace Maggie, because Ana is atheist (though she hides this from Esperanza). So, he tries to convince Aiden that Maggie is a bad person who hits Julio. But when Rocio and Maggie find out, they replace Julio with Luis as the new godfather.

That turns into a problem when Luis teaches Aiden that he isn’t responsible for his own actions. Aiden now thinks the devil is behind the bad things he might do.

Maggie remains mad at Julio for a week, and they argue over what he did during Aiden’s first communion. Esperanza overhears Julio ask her why she cares about being godmother when she doesn’t believe in God. She immediately fires Maggie and appoints Ana, although she secretly disbelieves as well. Actually, all the siblings are keeping this secret from Esperanza.

During communion, Aiden bites the priest, steals wine, and later insists that the devil made him do it. Now, it’s Luis’ turn to be fired as a godparent.

Luis then asks the priest for advice, but he helps him continue to avoid accountability by assuring him that all he has to do to be forgiven is confess to God.

As an apology, Julio is able to convince Esperanza to let Maggie be godmother again. He admits that it’s stressful for him that she hangs out with his family so much, even though they just got back together.

Maggie says she wouldn’t hang around them so much if Julio had his own place. Julio finally agrees that they should move in together.

Luis makes another non-apology, insisting that he’s confessed to God, so he’s good. Esperanza snaps at him to be quiet with that nonsense. She finally admits that she doesn’t believe in God either. She only pretends to keep her mother happy.

Luis confesses to Payne that his amends aren’t going well. Payne says that good and evil are in his mind. He has to face the devil inside himself and make apologies.

The episode ends with Luis apologizing to multiple people he’s hurt in the past.

The Episode Review

Few things can be funnier than Julio taking aside his little nephew and solemnly warning him about his bloodthirsty new godmother. This episode hits the right notes with most of its gags, actually–from Luis’ absurd non-apologies to the Lopez family’s secret collective atheism.

And in the end,  we get to see some character growth for both Julio and Luis–however permanent or impermanent that may be.

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