This Fool – Season 1 Episode 6 “Los Botes” Recap & Review

Los Botes

In episode 6 of This Fool season 1, we learn that Esperanza keeps the house stocked with office supplies and toilet paper she steals from the office where she works as a cleaner.

But Luis can’t stand the scratchy toilet paper. Luckily, his abuela Maria offers to sneak him some soft toilet paper she received from her boyfriend. That is, if he gets her a pack of cigarettes. Esperanza won’t let her have any. Luis agrees.

That night, Julio catches someone stealing their recycling cans, which Esperanza was planning to sell. The thief convinces Julio that he needs the money more. When he lets him take the cans, the man calls Julio a “good guy.” The words ring pleasantly in Julio’s ears.

Later, Esperanza discovers Luis’ toilet paper and chews him out. When she confiscates it, Luis has to ask Maria for more. This time, she wants McDonald’s in exchange.

They take Julio’s car out at night to get fast food. Maria shares with Luis that it’s her fault Esperanza feels the need to take care of everyone. She was the oldest child, and Maria made her take care of her siblings.

Maria wishes she didn’t live under her control, however. She especially wants to learn how to drive. Luis agrees to teach her in exchange for unlimited toilet paper.

The thief later returns to ask Julio to be his lookout so he can steal more cans. He initially declines, but is persuaded when the man says he thought Julio was a “good guy.”

After they gather cans, Julio’s car comes out of nowhere and smashes into their grocery cart, sending cans flying everywhere. Esperanza and an angry neighbor come out to scold them for stealing their recycling. And Maria and Luis get a talking to for getting McDonald’s.

The next morning, Esperanza is mad at everyone. They don’t appreciate all she’s done for the family.

Finally, Maria has an outburst. She says everyone hates the toilet paper. Esperanza just needs to enjoy her life and let them all live theirs. Also–Maria has a secret boyfriend! Esperanza is shocked.

Julio, after avoiding it for so long, runs an errand for his sister. He returns her ex-husband’s things to him. He isn’t going to stay with Memo–but then he remembers that he’s supposed to be a “good guy.”

Julio chides Memo when he wants to start doing hard drugs together. But Memo thought Julio was a good guy and would want to be there for him! Hearing those words again, Julio agrees.

That night, Esperanza dreams of her favorite president, Ronald Reagan. He tells her that American residents like her deserve nice things. He holds up some soft toilet paper. She wants nice things, doesn’t she?

The next morning, Esperanza switches out the toilet paper.

The Episode Review

Luis bonding with Maria over their covert operations is something I didn’t know I needed. It’s nice to see the show’s focus shift briefly to Maria and Esperanza, although I’m not sure if their character traits are explored thoroughly enough to justify an arc about side characters.

Julio’s storyline could have been cut or at least reshaped to better fit into the familial themes that the other subplot was exploring. His drive to be seen as a good guy didn’t seem to contain any deep relevance.

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