This Fool – Season 1 Episode 2 “Putazos” Recap & Review


Episode 2 of This Fool season 1 begins with Julio, Luis, and Chef Percy dropping off cupcakes for Hugs Not Thugs. While doing so, Luis runs into his former gang rival, Davonte.

When Davonte makes fun of him for being a “hugger,” Luis challenges him to meet at sunset–Davonte with his boys, and Luis with his own.

Percy and Julio accompany Luis on his quest to track down his boys. They first pay a visit to Luis’ number 1: Fatass. But it turns out that Fatass died in a car crash. Luis is discouraged, but still wants to fight. 

He next asks Cuete, but he can’t either, due to an injury. He does lend them his tap-dancing 12-year-old son, however. The kid is extremely enthusiastic about the scenario playing out like West Side Story.

Despite these two losses–and the fact that constant acid reflux and joint pain is reminding Luis that he’s gotten old–he still wants to press on.

They keep trying to pick up other gang members, but they all refuse. Well, except for Cyco, from whom they run away for being too trigger-happy.

Luis eventually falls asleep in the van, so Julio and Percy decide to bring him back to Hugs Not Thugs, and Percy leaves them.

Luis can’t believe they went behind his back. Even more, he can’t believe all his boys have abandoned him. Julio insists he’s his boy, but Luis says he’s too scared to throw a punch. At this, Julio punches him. He insists they will go fight. They will probably get beat up, but he’s with his cousin.

When they show up to fight, it’s just Luis, Julio, and a 12-year-old… against Davonte, an old man, and a small dog.

Both Luis and Davonte realize that they have each had friends die–Fatass and Bust-a-Nut. They accept that things have changed.

But they can still enjoy a throw-down. Across the way, young people are fighting. Luis and Davonte watch and cheer from the sidelines, while Fatass and Bust-a-Nut do the same in heaven.

The Episode Review

Chris Estrada and Frankie Quinones make an excellent buddy-comedy duo as Julio and Luis. Luis’ frustration with the oddball quality of his temporary new “gang”–especially Julio’s failures–was truly the funniest part of the episode.

The comedy writing can still at times be somewhat cringeworthy, occasionally drawing out a mediocre joke a tad too long. The actors’ comedic timing and delivery is generally spot-on, however.

There is a unique kind of satisfaction in seeing old gang rivals coming together after realizing they got old. Hopefully, This Fool continues to deliver on quirky storylines with absurdly funny resolutions.

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