This Bright And Beautiful World – Greyhaven | Album Review

Track List

In a Room Where Everything Dies
All Candy
A Painful and Necessary Action
More and More Hands
Of Snakes and Swans
Foreign Anchor
Fed to the Lights
The Quiet Shakes
And It’s Still Too Loud
Ornaments From The Well


This Bright And Beautiful World by Kentucky band Greyhaven could be the bleakest, but most memorable LP of 2022. The act may have called their album something that reflects good times and solid foundations, but as it goes, the record carries the weight of the world and gives us an insight into mental instability and sorrow.

It is bleak, and describes the human mind as a shattering mess, a place where demons can walk and augment their powers. And from the onset, the LP becomes tenacious and angry, raising hell and committing to screaming tension.

Rather than being a subtle record which doesn’t go anywhere or falls into a one dimensional drone, the record actually builds up in pressure, and features so much rage that it feels combustible. That being said, there are moments when the clean vocals come and command the room, offering a respite for the listeners. This calming vibe doesn’t last long though, as at points, the music goes through many forms, and this only increases the quality.

The vocal work suddenly shifts and steals the show, and it becomes at one with the technical instrumentals. Screams and growls do overlap, but don’t fully shroud out the clean singing, and that’s testament to the band’s diversity. And every piece of this record showcases a band on the edge and are angry for change.

The LP begins with ‘In A Room Where Everything Dies’ and it’s a brooding start. The guitar trickery really maximizes the sound here, carrying the song through trials and tribulations. ‘A Painful And Necessary Action’ goes along the same lines, with growls stealing the limelight. The chorus builds up into an infectious part, and the clean vocals tell us stories and secrets.

‘Foreign Anchor’ blasts through the speakers like a bomb, and the screams escalate, giving the guitars and the percussion a varied sound. It truly hits all the notes, and it truly alerts the heart. This feel continues right the way through the 10 tracks.

Greyhaven is a supremely talented band. And their music may not have that subtle sound people crave these days, but what it has is heart and soul, sensibility and intensity.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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