Thicker Than Water – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

The Sacrifice

Episode 8 of Thicker Than Water picks up where the previous one left off. Selim expresses his disappointment with his father’s leaving, and he realizes he’s just like his father because he abandoned his sisters and mother to get away from Oumar. They then share an emotionally charged moment.

As we previously saw, Oumar abducts Lina to prevent Fara from turning against him. Fara suggests using her connections to conceal the ruins of the seized drugs, but Oumar – along with his men – threaten an attack in order to pressure them into permitting the narcotics transit to take place.

After Oumar threatens to kill everybody on television, Fara urges the media reporter to help them. The on-scene reporter is given instructions to deliver the drug-filled vehicle to Oumar. Fara’s sisters halt the vehicle in the middle of the journey and switch the bags containing the flour supplies without Oumar’s knowledge.

When the sisters show up, they deliver Oumar’s car, which has been loaded with drugs. Thereafter, they request Lina’s return. However, Lina escapes Oumar’s goons.

Fara cleverly asks Oumar to examine the narcotics when he attempts to get away despite his assurance that he would return Lina. Oumar discovers that Fara has betrayed him once more as he examines the drugs but before he can do anything, police officers show up on the scene.

The police arrest Oumar’s men and following a fight, Fara and Oumar shoot one another. Fara lives, but Oumar passes away.

Selim is able to let go of all the anger and suffering he has been carrying around since he was a kid after seeing his dad. He asserts that his dad played a significant role in shaping him into a desperate person who was willing to do anything to earn money. His dad decides to go with him back to his Parisian home after comforting him.

We also find out that Fara is still alive and being held captive. While a cop questions Fara, Oumar’s boss is also present. They demand that she give back all of the drugs. However, Fara refuses to say where she’s stored the narcotics. Additionally, she demands the drug dealer free her from jail. She yells at them, threatening to burn down all of the narcotics like she did before.

As the episode closes out, we see that the real drugs are kept in a car. Lina, along with her friends, are keeping an eye on the car. They close the van door, claiming to be the only ones allowed to transport the drugs.

The Episode Review

The season’s final episode is unsatisfactory. The secondary characters continue to be uninteresting, the story arcs are extremely messy, and the emotional scene between the father-son duo has no lasting effect.

Although the show’s ideas are intriguing, the way they are implemented is subpar. The show started fairly well, but it ended on a cliffhanger that, despite what it should have done, failed to spark interest in a second season.

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