Thicker Than Water – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Bargaining Chip

Episode 7 of Thicker Than Water opens with Fara stating that she has yet to hear from Samuel. She goes on to say that she will investigate why this is the case. However, she goes on to say that it’s too late to catch Oumar, as he flees the scene.

Fara walks away from her office after leaving the meeting midway. Following that, Ketchup and Mayo kidnap her. The Feds then arrive and discover the gear.

Lina messages Bryan, asking if he’s no longer talking to her, given he’s not responding to her messages. Following that, two religious girls pay her a visit, and her mother forces her to get along with them. Lina discovers while arguing with them and her mother, that her mum is tracking her phone and has told Bryan to stay away.

Lina, enraged, tells her mother that she hates her and will never return to the house. She then walks away. Meanwhile, a lady informs the Protagonist’s mother that her son Selim has been seen in Omar and that he is no longer safe.

Oumar is hurting Fara and questioning her. Fara informs Oumar that she intends to repay him and asks him to contact his girlfriend, who will be able to vouch for her plan. Oumar calms down after talking with his girlfriend, telling Fara that he is listening to her.

Lina is having a conversation with her friends when the sequence is cut. Her friends make her laugh and  feel better but after that After that, they tell her to go talk to Kiate. Meanwhile, her mother leaves a voicemail asking her to call and speak with her.

Lina visits Kiate’s house and spends some time with him. Lina’s mother eventually makes her way to Kiate’s house. Meanwhile, Oumar holds Fara hostage and leaves her after learning where Lina is. Mayo and Ketchup then kidnap Lina from Kiate’s house just as her mother arrives.

Karim and his brother have been spying on Yasmina. They lash out at Yasmina when she gets too close to Ali. Yasmina then confronts Karim, telling him that he never takes her side. Yasmina then ends her relationship with Karim. She takes her belongings from the house, leaving her children behind, and heads to Souhila’s house for a few days. Yasmina arrives at Souhila’s house and learns that Lina has been kidnapped by Oumar’s men.

Fara arrives at work the next morning and asks her future replacement if she can cover the news about how the police destroy drugs. She immediately agrees to do it. Meanwhile, when Oumar is spending time with his partner and son, his superior appears and threatens him. He then gives 24 hours to return the gear.

The sisters and their mother spend the night making fake dope out of flour in order to gain an advantage in getting Lina back.

While working together, the sisters share heartfelt moments. Following that, they all take some alone time and do what they most wanted to do as if it were the last time.

Souhila tells Kiate that she will support their relationship if Lina escapes safely, and while Yasmina kisses Ali, Louiza calls her ex-husband and tells him about Selim, and Alban proposes to Fara. The episode concludes with Selim’s father going to meet him.

The Episode Review

The episode is quite chaotic and unrealistic. It’s odd that Lina has been kidnapped and the sisters are having a good time. Furthermore, the scene in which Yasmina abandons her children and constantly treats them as if they are a part of her problem is disturbing to watch.

The episode concludes with Salem’s father going to meet him while he is in hiding. With the season finale only one episode away, it’ll be interesting to see if the loose ends are tied up.

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