Thicker Than Water – Season 1 Episode 6 “The Trojan Horse” Recap & Review

The Trojan Horse

Episode 6 of Thicker Than Water begins with Oumar getting angry at his friend for referring to him as “funny.” Oumar interprets this as his friend calling him a clown and he receives a slap for his troubles. It appears that his superior’s increasing pressure is affecting Oumar in a big way.

Oumar calls Fara as he previously mentioned that he will require her help. Fara’s mission is to steal a van from work, drive it to Oumar, and then leave without knowing what they intend to do. As we soon find out, she is being protected by the ex-fed to get rid of Oumar.

Fara and the ex-fed begin their journey. However, after dropping off the van, Oumar refuses to let Fara go and instead asks her to drive while they transport the drugs.

Lina is being questioned at the police station so Bryan sends a lawyer to help Lina. Meanwhile, Ali meets Yasmina in his car and confronts her about her niece. He is furious with her for getting him into trouble with the cops. A man spots Yasmina and Ali in the car together and calls Karim to let him know.

On the way to their destination, Oumar suspects that they are being followed. They then decide to go and confirm it by stopping at a gas station. Alban is keeping an eye on Fara to ensure her safety, and when they confirm their suspicions that Alban has been following them, they beat him up and leave him at the petrol station without his belongings. Fortunately, the ex-fed gives him a ride.

Souhila’s mother visits the police station with Monique to offer moral support to Souhila. Souhila’s mother advises her to be gentle with Lina. Meanwhile, Fara yells at Oumar for putting her family through so many hardships. She questions his actions, and he tells her about his family’s situation before getting involved in the business. He goes on to tell her that he didn’t have a choice.

Oumar lets Fara go after nearly finishing the job. Fara meets Alban and the ex-fed, and she drives away with Alban. Meanwhile, the ex-fed is trying to bring Oumar down.

Souhila meets Bryan the next morning. She asks him to get out of Lina’s life and forget her. At the same time, Fara drops Alban off at his house, and he expresses concern for her.

Lina is allowed to leave, and in doing so, Lina and Souhila share a heartfelt moment. Meanwhile, Fara texts someone saying Oumar will leave them alone now. The ex-fed summons the cops, who approach Oumar and they prepare to arrest him.

The Episode Review

The episode attempts to be mysterious, but it’s simply tangled, and it seems like the twists are here just for the sake of it. The overall plot of the drama at this point is rather dull and uninteresting, which is a shame.

The episode ends with the ex-fed and the cops preparing to bring Oumar down. In the upcoming episodes, it will be interesting to see if they are successful. It’ll also be intriguing to see how the plot involving Oumar’s superior plays out.

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