Thicker Than Water – Season 1 Episode 5 “Breaking Point” Recap & Review

Breaking Point

Episode 5 of Thicker Than Water begins with Fara and Yasmina sending Lina on a mission. Later that morning, Yasmina’s friends and their husbands pay a visit to her house and demand their money back. Meanwhile, Yasmina retrieves her money from Ali.

Fara’s secret relationship with Salem is revealed on the news at work. Following that, her bosses force her to resign live on television during her upcoming news presentation. When asked, Alban refuses to admit that he knew the truth, which makes Fara feel betrayed, and she tells him about it.

Salem attempts to call his sisters from a phone booth. However, because they are all busy, none of them respond to the call.

The cop try to talk to Fara, but she refuses to help him. He promises to take Oumar off her back if she plays ball, but Fara doesn’t budge, walking away and refusing to entertain the idea.

Fara’s mother learns the truth about Salem’s debt and him being wanted by the drug mafia, and you can tell it really bothers her. When she gets home, she accuses all of her daughters of being liars. However, they calm her down and tell her that they have a plan.

Lina is going to Fara’s house to spend the night. On the way, they have a conversation about their boyfriends. Fara also meets with Lina’s boyfriend. Lina then spends some quality time with Bryan.

The next day at work, Fara takes a bold step by announcing live that she will continue to present, leaving the channel with no choice but to let her continue. Alban is then fired because he supported her by keeping the show going. Meanwhile, Yasmina repays the money given to her by her in-laws.

Lina is keeping an eye on her workplace while a few men carry out some illegal work on Fara’s orders. Lina gets arrested soon after because they believe she was sent there by someone.

Fara wishes to get rid of Oumar. She speaks to Oumar as instructed by the cop and informs him that the police are going to search his hideout. She goes on to say that she’s doing this because it’s a way for her to repay his debt. Oumar leaves after informing her that he will require her help soon.

The Episode Review

This episode is clearly attempting to appear mysterious, but the plotline is becoming increasingly unclear and chaotic. The development of the story and plot twists appear to exist solely for dramatic purposes and have no value at this point.

The show’s romances, such as Fara and Alban’s and Lina and Bryan’s, appear far too structural and uninteresting, which ultimately adds no value or thrill to the show.

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