Thicker Than Water – Season 1 Episode 4 “The Plan” Recap & Review

The Plan

Episode 4 of Thicker Than Water begins with the family dealing with the aftermath of Walid’s death. At the same time, Lina is grounded because her paranoid mother thought it was the best solution. Imene gets lost, but they find her when a lady brings her to their house.

Elsewhere, Fara looks for ways to pay off the debt. After a few months, she declares that she has finally figured it out. When the Feds dump the drugs, Fara decides to steal them from the cops. Her sisters refuse to get involved in her plan.

Yasmina attempts to convince her circle of friends to invest in the pyramid scheme. They initially refuse, but they eventually cave and agree to invest when she persuades them further. Yasmina then asks them to keep it a secret from their husbands, to which they agree.

Fara suggests covering the drug-police story at work, and her colleagues and bosses agree after hearing her explanation about wanting to clean up the mess. Later that day, Fara warns her mother about the negative press surrounding Salem and advises her not to take it seriously.

The cop who desperately wants to bring down Oumar storms into the channel’s office with a group of officers and conducts an anti-narcotics search without a warrant. The cop informs Alban that Salem is Fara’s brother, which completely shocks him. Following that, Fara is forced to present a report about Salem being a fugitive.

The next day, Yasmina and Wesh get a little too friendly at work while she’s giving him the money to invest, and a man who appears to know Yasmina and her husband spots them. Elsewhere, Lina plans to attend the ball with Katie.

Oumar is having a good time with his partner when his superior calls and warns him about the cops, demanding that he cancel the next delivery. Oumar assures him that he will handle the situation.

The cop who raided the news channel’s office has been temporarily suspended from his job because he carried out a search that was not authorized. Meanwhile, Alban confronts Fara about her not informing him and her boss about Salem being her brother.

Later that day, Fara apologizes to Alban and he asks her to accompany him to the ball. Lina attends the ball with Katie, and Fara happens to show up at the same ball with Alban.

Fara eventually notices Lina while Oumar is seated at the same table as her. Fara then tries to drag Lina back to her house. When Lina refuses to listen, she tells her about Oumar. Thereafter, Lina walks home with her. Despite being suspended and warned, the cop stays committed to bringing down Oumar.

The Episode Review

This episode feels more like a filler and is, to say the least, uninteresting. Furthermore, the storyline in this episode appears to be rushed, which is very noticeable.

The quality of the show appears to be deteriorating as the episodes progresses. Hopefully this doesn’t continue on this path and we’re proven wrong.

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