Thicker Than Water – Season 1 Episode 3 “The Grapevine” Recap & Review

The Grapevine

Episode 3 of Thicker Than Water begins with news of Fara meeting a police officer spreading like wildfire, so much so that it reaches Oumar and the two guys. As a consequence, Oumar and the men decide it’s time to share “the video.”

Fara informs Yasmina and Souhila of Oumar’s 1.5 million euro demand before Ramadan ends. Yasmina yells at Fara and declares that she will not return with her husband and children. Fara then hands Souhila the gun that Selim had previously given her for protection.

Souhila seeks assistance from her religious community the following day. They tell her, however, that all they can do is pray. Meanwhile, Yasmina is seen yelling at her children to relieve the stress of her family problems. Following that, we learn that Yasmina married her husband Karim when she was 25 years old and had children when she was 26.

We also learn that she feels rejected because she gave up everything for her sons. Yasmina sells products from her home in an attempt to raise money to pay off her family’s debt.

Alban invites Fara out and tells her that he’d like to introduce her as his girlfriend to industry leaders. They agree to make their relationship official at the meeting, as Fara finds out she is famous after seeing a poster of herself on a building.

Fara and Alban are having a good time at the meet when the two shady guys arrive. Fara leaves to speak with them privately, and they ask her to show a video on her news channel that could land her ex-boyfriend in serious trouble. She initially refuses, but they tell her she has no choice.

Yasmina meets a man who introduces her to a pyramid scheme business. He tells her that she must pay an entry fee of 1000 euros, give him a 30% cut, and then sell and profit. She finds the offer intriguing but when she tells her husband about it, he dissuades her. So much so infact, that she then steals some of his money.

Fara contacts her boyfriend and informs him of the situation he has found himself in. She tells him that she will not show it on the news, but that the two of them are in big trouble. Furthermore, when he asks who is behind all of this, she says Oumar is.

Lina is seen interacting with a football player via chat. The man asks her out to a gala, and she thinks about it. Lina spends the night at her grandmother’s house, where the two men set fire to the grandmother’s house at midnight, but Lina rescues the old woman beforehand. The grandmother is then admitted to the hospital.

At the hospital, Fara tells her sisters Souhila and Yasmina that the men set fire to the house because she did not show the video of her ex-boyfriend on the news. Yasmina orders her to show the video because it’s better to oust him than her.

Fara warns her ex-boyfriend and tells him to leave town because the video will be shown on the news. He refuses to abandon his mother, and Fara has no choice but to broadcast the video. Her ex-boyfriend is shot in the head shortly after, and his mother starts crying.

The Episode Review

This episode feels longer than it should have. Furthermore, the plot involving Fara’s sisters is mind-numbingly uninteresting. An antagonist is very important in keeping the audience interested and here, the one chosen is, to put it mildly, dull and boring.

In comparison to the previous episodes, this one has been the worst. Let’s hope that the show doesn’t descend to this level in the upcoming episodes.

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