Thicker Than Water – Season 1 Episode 2 “The Debt” Recap & Review

The Debt

Episode 2 of Thicker Than Water begins with two men in a car joking around. These are the guys who previously assumed Selim cheated them. They arrive at a shady spot and wake up Selim. They then inform him that they did not find the car in the garage, which shocks Selim because it had gear in it. When they threaten Selim, he assures them that he will handle the situation. They threaten him; Selim has two hours to find the car that has all of their stuff in it.

The two men receive a call from a man named Omour, who inquires about the location of the items, to which one of the men responds that Selim does not know where the car is. Omour then instructs them to find Selim for him.

The cops discover 20 to 50 kilos of dope in the burned-out car. They are puzzled as to why Selim would leave it burning. Additionally, they discover a lighter that was used to burn the gear. One cop deduces that Selim was not responsible because of how far forward the driver’s seat is pushed.

Fara is getting ready for her first news presentation. A short time later, Selim arrives, and Fara speaks with him about the previous day. He freaks out when Fara tells him they burned the car. He explains the situation to her, including the details about Oumar. Fara offers assistance after learning that his life is in danger. Selim informs her that he has left his passport in a bag at their mother’s house and requests that she retrieve it for him and meet him at Bercy station at midnight. Fara agrees and returns to her news presentation.

Souhila notices her daughter Lina filming a TikTok with her friends while she is at work and starts to freak out. After Souhila leaves, Lina and her friends plan to take Imene and go to a concert without informing Souhila.

The previous night’s police captain meets with Fara and tells her all about the drug dealer Oumar and how he has a lot of power. He informs her that he is not concerned about her burning the car or her brother’s actions, but that he is determined to catch Oumar. Fara refuses to accept responsibility because she believes it is a trap, and she then leaves.

Yasmine’s children ask for money to go skiing, but she refuses. Following that, we learn that she and her husband are facing financial difficulties and are having trouble paying their housing tax.

Fara and Yasmina are looking for the bag containing Selim’s passport, but they can’t find it. As it turns out, Lina has it, per to their mother. When they find Lina at a club, Souhila is furious at Lina and her friends for attending the concert. Fara then takes Selim’s passport and heads to the train station to meet him.

Fara greets Selim and hands him his passport. Selim then gives her a gun for protection before leaving. When Fara returns to her flat, Oumar and the two men are waiting for her. She admits to burning the car to protect her brother, and they demand a million and a half dollars from her.

The Episode Review

The show’s plot has reached an intriguing point, and it manages to keep you interested throughout. Having said that, while the primary character and the central storyline are fascinating, the secondary characters and their arcs remain underdeveloped and rather dull.

The episode concludes with Oumar demanding money in exchange for not causing harm to Fara’s family. With that revelation, it will be interesting to see where things go from here.

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