Thicker Than Water – Season 1 Episode 1 “This Stays Between Us” Recap & Review

This Stays Between Us

Two police officers question Fara at the beginning of Thicker Than Water episode 1. She claims to know nothing when speaking to the police. She also informs them that her mother is alone at home with her niece, who is disabled. She then requests that they either arrest her so that she can contact a lawyer, or let her go free. Additionally, we learn from the cop that Fara ruined her career.

Thereafter, the episode jumps backward by a few hours so we can see how Fara ended up in that situation. Here, we get a brief introduction to Fara’s life. She rents a very small, cramped flat in Paris, which she hopes to someday leave. The 24 TV channel was going to introduce her as their new presenter on the same day, as narration informs us, as she leaves her flat, that: “After years of struggle, my life was gonna change.”

Fara receives a phone call from work, inquiring as to what she is doing. When Fara informs them that there is no riot and shows her boss the background with a burnt car, he instructs her to shoot live from that location.

Fara tells us about her childhood and why she is so determined to become a journalist. Her father never paid attention to her or her siblings, preferring to watch the news. She wanted to be a reporter since then in order to gain  her father’s attention.

Fara studied and worked extremely hard, and as a consequence, she landed an interview with the largest news channel. She was instructed to demonstrate her abilities in the field during the interview, and if she did well, they promised to advance her to the position of a news presenter. She had been in the same position for eight years and as the station star was leaving, a spot had finally become available for her.

Fara quickly learns that the position that finally became available has been filled by someone who joined just six months earlier at the company. Before her microphone is cut off, Fara accuses the news channel of being dishonest and of reporting false information in a fit of rage. Unfortunately, Fara is then prohibited from going inside her office building. As a result of all this, Fara ended up trending on Twitter as a consequence of her viral outrage.

Her mother extends an invitation to Fara to come over that evening because her siblings will be spending the first day of Ramadan there.

Selim, Fara’s brother, calls her to let her know that he will be dropping by. She goes down to meet him when he arrives at her building, going on to tell her what an awful day she’s had. Fara is pretty close to her brother Selim, but based on how he interacts with her, it seems like something is fishy with him.

We are brought back to the present day, where Fara is being questioned. She claims she doesn’t know where her brother is but that he was supposed to join them and didn’t show up when the officer questions her.

We are then transported to the iftar dinner. Fara’s family gathers for dinner and engage in some banter, after which we are introduced to her siblings Louiza, Lina, Imene, and Yasmina.

Alban, her workplace editor, contacts Fara and informs her that the news channel has made Fara their news presenter following all of the backlashes, and Fara accepts the position. The police arrive at her mother’s door and take Fara with her sisters to the police station.

After Fara and her sisters are permitted to leave, it turns out Selim hit a police officer after running a red light. The sisters embark on a mission to protect Selim and get rid of Fara’s worries, as Selim’s car was parked in her driveway. They take Selim’s car from Fara’s garage, drive a few miles to Villeirs Le Bel, and eventually burn the car where the riots occurred, as per the news reports. They also agree to keep the car burning a secret, even from their mother.

Soon after, two men arrive to collect the car from Fara’s garage. When they don’t find it, they assume Selim has deceived them. Meanwhile, Fara is sleeping next to Alban, who could well be her boyfriend. He congratulates Fara on her promotion, as the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

The show begins with a whirlwind start and manages to capture our attention from the first episode, as the tension is at an all-time high as our protagonist is interrogated.

The timeline of the episode shifts back and forth, and despite the fact that the transition could have easily been a problem given how much it switches, it is seamless and straightforward to understand.

While the protagonist is an empathetic character who does an excellent job in her role, the same cannot be said for the secondary characters, though it may be too early to tell on that front.

Given how the episode ends, with the siblings setting fire to Selim’s car, it’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

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