The Young Hearts – Somewhere Through The Night | Album Review

Track Listing

Famous Last Words 
Take A Ride 
The Way Back 
Good Company 
Hit The Ground Running 
Our Hometown 
Lucky Ones 
A Charmed Society
Dust & Bones 
About Time 
Somewhere Through The Night  


The Young Hearts sound rebellious on their record Somewhere Through The Night, and as they do, they know how the world can easily make you crash into the void. The act has deterred themselves from making the same record twice, and this collection of songs showcases emotion on a higher level. From the start to the swansong, the album blossoms into a juggernaut.   

Through pain, the band play on, telling us that their world isn’t convincing. They stir the emotions well adding anecdotes and breaking conventions, with a rock sound roaring to be noticed.

The band has now become a major player in the scene, and they’ve created some incredible work. On this record, they’ve outdone themselves musically and emotionally.  

Emotion in music is key, heartbreak always makes for a unique listen, while hope needs no introduction. The Young Hearts now know they’re hopeful enough to take the reins, as their music has that finish, that finesse.  

There are 12 songs on this release. ‘Take A Ride’ opens with sturdy guitar strokes, and the lyrics describe trading money for blood. The pain becomes overbearing, a hindrance that the band want to banish. Everything about this song echoes emotion.  

‘Our Hometown’ is melancholic, and the bright lights create fever dreams. Lyrically, this song is poetic, and those instrumentals break through with conviction. The band is in their element here.  

‘Dust & Bone’s is another gracious stab at rock. The band convey, through their powerful lyricism, themes about dying young. Again, the lyrics stand out, and every arrangement increases the appeal.  

The Young Hearts show that they’re major talents, and this record has been meticulously created.  

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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