The Worst of Evil – K-drama Episode 9 Recap & Review

Episode 9

Episode 9 of The Worst of Evil starts with Jun-mo recalling his wedding with Eui-jeong. He thinks about how his father, a drug addict, caused a scene during Jun-mo’s nuptials and had thrown a fit, asking for money from Jun-mo. Jun-mo remembers being embarrassed by his father and recalls how Eui-jeong had looked at him that day.

Present-day Jun-mo shows up at the Union in the middle of chaos. Gi-cheul tries to save Eui-jeong while the rest of his thugs fight the Jaegon Group thugs. Jun-mo’s eyes meet with Eui-jeong’s in the hallway and something takes over him. While Gi-cheul tries to protect himself and Eui-jeong, Jun-mo goes on a killing spree and furiously beats up the goons that get in his way.

Jun-mo’s white suit is all bloodied up as he watches Gi-cheul with Eui-jeong. Jun-mo brutally kills the goons and Eui-jeong is shocked to see her husband turn into an animal. After the incident is over, Hae-ryeon shows up at the Union with Kang-san and is shocked to see Jun-mo’s state. She asks what Jun-mo was thinking about being so reckless.

Jun-mo tells her that he was doing so to protect someone and looks at Eui-jeong, who is standing right in front of Gi-cheul. Hae-ryeon tells Gi-cheul that she disobeyed Boss Oson and was choosing to partner with him. Oyama waits for the good news of Gi-cheul’s death but Ki-soo’s men tell him there isn’t any yet. 

Gi-cheul’s goons show up at Jaegon Group headquarters and thrash up the place. Jong-ryul and Hee-sung lead the group but Jun-mo directly attacks Ki-soo. He pins Ki-soo on the table in front of Oyama and cuts up his ankle. Gi-cheul asks Oyama to ask Kanemoto to come to his office and apologise in person if he wants to make it out alive.

Do-hyung meets Eui-jeong and tries to console her but she is shaken up following the incident. She goes back home and thinks about the innocent Jun-mo she fell in love with in contrast to the person she witnessed hours before. Meanwhile, Hee-sung recalls how Gi-cheul left him to die during the incident because he was focused on Eui-jeong.

Jun-mo thinks about the time he proposed to Eui-jeong and recalls seeing him with Gi-cheul. Gi-cheul and Jun-mo wait at the hospital where his injured employees are getting treated. Jun-mo and Gi-cheul check up on each other, and Gi-cheul asks Jun-mo to grab a bite to eat.

Both Gi-cheul and Jun-mo call Eui-jeong but she does not answer either of their calls. A while later, Eui-jeong listens to the messages the men left her. Gi-cheul apologises to Eui-jeong for what happened, while Jun-mo asks her to drop out of the investigation for good so he can close the case and come back to her. Gi-cheul takes Jun-mo to his mother’s house. The two have a meal there and call it a night.

That night, Gi-cheul and Jun-mo discuss the deal with the Japanese client and the gang leader tells Jun-mo that he is dating Eui-jeong. Jun-mo is shocked by the revelation and cannot seem to go to bed. He meets Gi-cheul’s sister who asks him to take care of her brother.

The next morning, Chang-sik meets the commissioner of police and asks him to keep the war between Gi-cheul’s gang and Ki-soo’s gang a secret. At the same time, Gi-cheul and his right-hand men, Hee-sung, Jong-ryul and Jun-mo (Seung-ho) discuss how the future of the trade would go now that the Chinese had asked them to purchase higher quantities of the drugs.

Jun-mo asks to meet Oyama in private and argues that they need to make sure the tension is neutralised before they make the next move. Min-goo shows up at the Union and threatens to expose Gi-cheul. He blames Gi-cheul for the death of the informant and asks if the lighter belonged to him.

Min-goo tells Gi-cheul that the informant’s phone was missing from the scene of the crime and wonders if the killer took it. On his way out, Min-goo tries to trick Jun-mo into taking the lighter found at the scene of the crime. Jun-mo tells Min-goo that the lighter does not belong to him and asks the cop to take it back.

Min-goo tells Jun-mo that he is onto him and suggests he be careful as he makes his way out of the Union. That night, Eui-jeong and Gi-cheul meet at a restaurant and he tells her that he will protect her with everything he can and hopes to stand tall in front of her family.

The next morning, Jun-mo meets Oyama and apologises to him on behalf of Gi-cheul. Min-goo goes to see Ki-soo and sees him on a wheelchair. He is shocked to see what Gi-cheul and his men have done to Ki-soo. Min-goo meets the drug dealer – Dodgers who worked at Gi-cheul’s bar and was recently arrested by Do-hyung’s cop friends.

At the same time, Jun-mo waits for Gi-cheul and Oyama to have their meeting. Min-goo, on the other hand, takes Dodgers outside and tortures him until Dodgers tells the cop where he could find Yankees. After being beaten up brutally, Dodgers tells Min-goo that the only way to find Yankees is by looking for Wendy, the girl that he had impregnated.

The two arrive at Wendy’s place and find it empty which further infuriates Min-goo. On the other hand, Oyama brings Kanemoto to meet Gi-cheul and reconcile. Gi-cheul asks Kanemoto to formally apologise to him if he wants to restart business with him. He also tells Kanemoto that he had decided to increase the price of the drugs by 30%.

Kanemoto is appalled by Gi-cheul’s audacity and leave the Union. He scolds Oyama for embarrassing him and cuts him off his gang. Jun-mo gets desperate and meets Hae-ryeon. He asks for her help in convincing the Japanese client to continue to work with Gi-cheul. Hae-ryeon tells Jun-mo that Kanemoto has offered to trade with Boss Oson without a Korean middleman.

The two visit Kanemoto with Oyama’s help and Jun-mo tries to apologise to Kanemoto on Gi-cheul’s behalf. Hae-ryeon tries to convince Kaenmoto to reconsider but the latter asks Jun-mo to apologise to him by performing “yubitsume”, a finger-shortening tradition.

Jun-mo begins to do so but hesitates. Kanemoto asks his bodyguard to chop off Jun-mo’s finger but the bodyguard ends up killing Kanemoto instead. As it turns out, Oyama had already convinced the bodyguard to side with him. Oyama bids Kanemoto farewell and tells Jun-mo that he has made a deal with Gi-cheul already.

Jun-mo is shocked to learn that Gi-cheul was aware of the deal and kept it a secret from him. The episode ends with Gi-cheul showing up at Kanemoto’s place, where he sees Jun-mo and Hae-ryeon with Oyama.

The Episode Review

There is so much bloodshed in this show that it was horrifying to see Ji Chang-wook at the beginning of this episode. The way he bit off the goon’s ear, causing him to bleed out, was not just animalistic but also scary. I would not want to be in the same room as Jun-mo when his wife is in danger.

It was poetic to see Jun-mo try to protect Eui-jeong from afar while Gi-cheul protects her from close by. I have a feeling that even when the case closes, Eui-jeong will not be able to get over this side of Jun-mo. The show stands on its last legs now and I wonder what will happen now that Jun-mo (as Seung-ho) has tried to go behind Gi-cheul’s back.

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  1. Agree it was horrifying this episode and way too violent for me and all the blood on Jun-mo was too much. I don’t see how their marriage can survive this undercover operation, it definitely won’t ever be the same. I felt Eui-jeong was kissing too passionately whereas Jun-mo you can see him rejecting Hae-ryeon multiple times. I think Min-goo is going to mess up this undercover operation and feel like it will be a send ending for Gi-cheul who will probably give us his life to protect Eui-jeong.

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