The Worst of Evil – K-drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

Episode 8

Episode 8 of The Worst of Evil opens in China with Professor Yoon learning that Gi-cheul was selling off drugs in Korea instead of sending them to Japan as per their trade. The Chinese traders decide that Gi-cheul will have to pay the price for his actions.

Hae-ryeon meets with Jaegon Group’s Ki-soo who asks her to start a new business with him instead of Gi-cheul. He offers to buy the same amount of drugs and agrees to pay an even higher amount for it. Hae-ryeon refuses to strike the deal and calls Ki-soo ‘too loud’ for their business.

Meanwhile, Jun-mo is scared after the informant’s death. He recalls seeing his personal information on the documents along with that of Eui-jeong and her family. Jum-mo flees from the scene and takes the papers and the informant’s phone with him.

On the other hand, Gi-cheul tries to get in touch with his informant and grows curious when no one responds. Chang-sik tells Jun-mo that the informant had died before relaying any information to Gi-cheul. Jun-mo is furious with Chang-sik and Do-hyung for putting his safety on the line. Gi-cheul learns that the informant died from falling off the building.

That night, Jun-mo tells Gi-cheul that Hae-ryeon had asked to meet him for a date the following day. Jun-mo starts talking about the business and Gi-cheul observes that Jum-mo (Seung-ho) is much more interested in the drug business than him. Jun-mo reassures Gi-cheul and asks to trust him as he wants to make it big in the business too.

Eui-jeong learns what happened to the informant and what Jun-mo had to do to save himself and her family. She yells at Chang-sik for being negligent with the lives of his employees. That night, Eui-jeong calls Gi-cheul and asks him for a date the following day. Gi-cheul recalls Jung-bae’s words about Eui-jeong and takes his pistol along on the date.

Eui-jeong also takes her pistol when she leaves to meet Gi-cheul. Gi-cheul calls Yong-dae to his office and asks him to trace the informant’s steps. He asks Yong-dae to bring him the information that the informant was chasing after.

The next morning, Gi-cheul gives Jun-mo a new suit for his date with Hae-ryeon. Jun-mo and Hae-ryeon are about to leave for their date when Eui-jeong shows up to see Gi-cheul. Jun-mo and Eui-jeong share a glance and she asks him if he is doing okay. Hae-ryeon is curious after the interaction.

Both couples go their separate ways as Jun-mo takes Hae-ryeon on a drive while Gi-cheul shows Eui-jeong his office. Jun-mo and Hae-ryeon go to a local town and spend the day trying to cut out the Dalgona candy. At the same time, Yong-dae ends up at the archive office where he finds the documents that the informant was going after.

Gi-cheul takes Eui-jeong to the docks. The two discuss his feelings for her and Eui-jeong gets a call from Jun-mo. She avoids the call and goes on another car ride with Gi-cheul. At the same time, Hae-ryeon gets upset that Jun-mo is not giving her his full attention.

Yong-dae calls Gi-cheul and tells him that there was no phone found on the informant’s dead body and that he had last visited the police archives office. Gi-cheul asks Yong-dae to try and find the documents that the informant was looking for. Gi-cheul takes Eui-jeong on a walk at the beach and asks her if she has lied to him about living in the same town as Seung-ho. She reveals that she lived in the town on and off when she went to visit the place.

Gi-cheul gets another call from Yong-dae, after which he seems relaxed. He puts a necklace on Eui-jeong as his present to her. Do-hyung thanks the receptionist for giving Yong-dae the fake document and asks her to make sure she does the same when anyone else comes asking for the information.

Yong-dae goes back inside the office to give some flowers to the receptionist and notices Do-hyung there. He does not recognise him instantly but greets the receptionist and goes back to the Union. At the same time, Min-goo learns that Gi-cheul’s informant suddenly died the day before. He goes to visit the site of the accident with Detective Go.

On the contrary, Jong-ryul and Hee-sung follow Oyama to see what the Japanese were up to. Hae-ryeon tells Jun-mo that she wants him to meet her father in China (the drug trader). On their drive back home, Gi-cheul tells Eui-jeong that he was aware of how complicated his work was but adds that he really had feelings for her.

Eui-jeong tells him that she is just as confused as him. On their date, Hae-ryeon agreed to continue the trade with Gi-cheul if Jun-mo became the carrier. She also asks him to convince Gi-cheul to pay the same price as Ki-soo and asks him to make the decision then and there.

Meanwhile, Eui-jeong tells Gi-cheul that she had looked up his records after meeting him and found out that he was involved in Seargent Jang’s murder. She adds that she did not care if he was involved in Seargent Jang’s murder because she had feelings for him. She asks him to trust her because she loves him.

Gi-cheul kisses Eui-jeong and takes her to the union to introduce her to his employees. He gets a call from Hee-sung and Jong-ryul who tells him that Oyama was meeting with Jaegon Group’s Ki-soo. He asks Jong-ryul to arrive at the union with all the other employees. Hae-ryeon asks Kang-san to talk to “father”, Boss Oson, about this arrangement and get back to her.

Hae-ryeon asks Jun-mo to continue their date in her hotel room and starts making out with him there. During the kiss, Jun-mo thinks about Eui-jeong and tries to pull back from the kiss. However, Hae-ryeon kisses him with passion and they start making out aggressively.

Oson tells Kang-san that he has decided to go ahead with Ki-soo being their new carrier as he no longer trusted Gi-cheul. Kang-san finds Hae-ryeon making out with Jun-mo in her room and tells her Boss Oson’s order. Hae-ryeon asks Jun-mo to cut ties with Gi-cheul if he wants to be a part of the trade. 

Meanwhile, Jaegon Group’s men show up to kill Gi-cheul and everyone at the union, including Eui-jeong. Unaware that his wife is also at the union, Jun-mo calls Gi-cheul to alert him about the deal. He then calls Jong-ryul and tells him everything. He asks Jong-ryul to guard the union as soon as possible.

Gi-cheul hides Eui-jeong in his cabin and asks her to trust him. He also warns her that what she could possibly witness would be gruesome. Outside, Gi-cheul’s men clash with Ki-soo’s men. The episode ends with more goons coming inside the Union and grabbing Gi-cheul out of his cabin as he leaves Eui-jeong behind.

The Episode Review

There was so much going on in this episode that I was left speechless. The allegory every scene has is stupendous. From Eui-jeong holding Gi-cheul’s hand with her wedding ring in focus to the tear that runs down her cheek as she makes out with him, knowing full well that she has a husband. 

Moreover, the contrast between Jun-mo and Hae-ryeon’s aggressive kiss to Gi-cheul and Eui-jeong’s passionate makeout says a lot about their respective character struggles. The show is getting more and more complicated and I am certain that many hearts will break once this ends next week.

For now, it is clear that Jun-mo refused to take up the deal with Hae-ryeon which could be a wrong decision from the perspective of the mission. However, him choosing Gi-cheul over everything else could show his loyalty to the gang leader and it could prove fruitful to the mission. 

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  1. Actually junmo went there for his wife , not gicheol.
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