The Worst of Evil Episodes 8 & 9 Preview: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

The Worst of Evil Episodes 8 and 9

After the roaring success of action dramas like K2 and The Healer, fans of Ji Chang-wook have been waiting with bated breath for the actor to release a new show where he plays the action hero we all love. The new Disney+ original drama, The Worst of Evil, marks Chang-wook’s action comeback.

The show is a crime drama set in the 1990s and narrates the inner workings of a gangster organization which is well-known for drug trafficking. The show also stars Wi Ha-joon of Squid Game and Little Women fame and fans are very eager to see the action-filled bromance between him and Ji Chang-wook in the upcoming drama.

If you’ve been following The Worst of Evil, you may be curious to find out when the drama starts airing the next two episodes. Well, wonder no more!

Here is everything you need to know about The Worst of Evil Episodes 8 and 9, including their release dates, time, and where you can watch them.

What is The Worst of Evil about?

The drama is set in Seoul in the 1990’s when a former DJ starts selling a new powerful drug nicknamed “Gangnam Crystal” in city nightclubs after mastering a gangster organization. Since the police know little about the origin of such drugs, in order to crack down on this rampant drug trafficking organization, rural police officer Park Jun-mu is assigned to sneak into the organization.

He is shocked to learn that his wife, Yoo Eui-jeong, who is also a detective, has volunteered to participate in this dangerous mission and seems to have an unspeakable past with the heinous underground drug king. Park Jun-mu in this drug-related mission wholeheartedly fights the drug cartel and simultaneously works hard to protect his wife’s safety at all times.

Where Can I Watch The Worst of Evil Season 1?

The Worst of Evil is a Disney+ original K-drama and will be available to watch exclusively on the streaming platform globally. The show will also be available all around the world on various Disney streaming platforms like Disney+ globally, including Canada and Europe; Disney+ Hotstar in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand; Hulu in North America and Star+ in South America.

The Worst of Evil Episodes 8 and 9 Release Date

The next two episodes aka Episodes 8 and 9 of The Worst of Evil will be released simultaneously on Wednesday 18th October at 4:00 pm (KST) / 12:00 am (PT) / 3:00 am (ET) / 8:00 am (GMT) Expect the episodes to drop on the network at the same time with relevant subtitles in English.

Also, expect each episode to have a runtime of 45-54 minutes each.

How Many Episodes Will The Worst of Evil Have?

It has been revealed that The Worst of Evil is shorter than a regular K-drama with 12 episodes in total. The show will also be releasing two episodes each week following the initial 3 episode release. The final three episodes of the drama will also be dropped simultaneously on October 25th as the show comes to an end.

The show stars Ji Chang-wook as Park Joon-mo as the main lead playing a cop who joins the gang as an infiltrator. Two other actors playing the main leads are Wi Ha-joon as Jung Ki-chul and Im Se-mi as Yoo Eui-jung, Joon-mo’s wife. The show also stars Im Sung-jae, Singer BIBI, Geum Kwang-san and Zelo in support roles.

What happened in Episode 6?

After Jun-mo injures himself trying to save Gi-cheul, the gang leader starts trusting. He lets Gi-cheul attend the important meeting with the Chinese trader – Hae-ryeon while Kanemoto sends Oyama to Korea. In the meantime, a cop named Min-goo suspects Gi-cheul and his gang in the murder and abduction of a gang leader named Manager Cho.  

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Is There A Trailer For The Worst of Evil?

There is indeed! You can find a trailer for the Disney+ K-drama, The Worst of Evil below:

What do you think about the upcoming action thriller The Worst of Evil? What are you most excited to see when this new K-drama drops? Let us know in the comments below!

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