The Worst of Evil – K-drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Episode 7

Episode 7 of The Worst of Evil starts with Jong-ryul telling Gi-cheul that Jun-mo (Seung-ho) is going to have a hard time at the police station due to the charges filed against him. Gi-cheul asks him to see what they can do to help Jun-mo and to see if Min-goo has caught on to their business.

At the police station, Jun-mo’s attitude pisses Min-goo off further. Min-goo questions Jun-mo about the deal at the restaurant but grows furious when Jun-mo lies, stating that it was an investor’s meeting. Min-goo beats Jun-mo up to the point that he is bleeding. Chang-sik shows up at the station and gets angry when he sees Min-goo beating Jun-mo up.

As the Superintendent of Police, Chang-sik accuses Min-goo and his seniors of police brutality and manages to save him from being beaten to death. Jong-ryul picks Jun-mo from the police station and lauds his courage.

On the drive back, the two discuss how Jong-ryul is the person Gi-cheul should reward the most.

At Gi-cheul’s office, Jun-mo, Jong-ryul, Jung-bae and Hee-sung are having some drinks with the gang leader. Jung-bae accuses Jun-mo (Seung-ho) and wonders how he got away so easily. Jung-ba’s accusation does not sit well with Gi-cheul and he asks Jung-bae to leave.

Meanwhile, the other three have a meal with Gi-cheul wherein they discuss their next move for the Chinese client. Gi-cheul suggests that since Hae-ryeon has taken a liking to Jun-mo (Seung-ho) it should be him who deals with her. Hee-sung is shocked that their boss is trusting a newbie this easily.

Jong-ryul asks for Gi-cheul’s permission to deal with the Japanese and Chinese clients but Hee-sung asks for some time to discuss this with Jung-bae. That evening, Gi-cheul thinks about how he was being betrayed by Kanemoto. He gets a call from Eui-jeong who asks to meet him.

In the meantime, Jun-mo meets with Chang-sik and Do-hyung as he discusses the new developments in the case. He discusses Hae-ryeon’s involvement in the drug cartel and asks the cops to take care of Jung-bae as he doubts Jun-mo. That night, Eui-jeong asks Gi-cheul if something is bothering him and wonders if she could help him in any way. Gi-cheul is glad that Eui-jeong offered to help him and asks how she deals with her mother’s death.

That night, Gi-cheul goes to meet his mother and has a meal with her and asks for a favour. At the same time, Hae-ryeon’s bodyguard visits a local drug dealer and purchases some Gangnam crystal from him. The next morning, Jun-mo calls Hae-ryeon, asking her to join him for the tour she had asked for.

At the same time, Jung-bae pays Gi-cheul’s informant a huge sum of money, asking him to look into Eui-jeong and her involvement with Seung-ho. The informant calls Gi-cheul and tells him that Jung-bae was sneaking behind his back, asking for Eui-jeong’s details. Gi-cheul asks the informant to keep the details a secret.

Meanwhile, Hae-ryeon gets flirty with Jun-mo on their outing. She tells him that he doesn’t look like a gangster but like a soldier. Jun-mo asks her to trust Gi-cheul and continue the trade with him. Hae-ryeon tells Jun-mo that instead of transporting the drugs from China to Japan as he should’ve, Gi-cheul was stashing the drugs in Korea and giving the Japanese clients a low-quality alternative.

She states that Gi-cheul was actually making the drug locally available despite the drug being illegal in the country. Hae-ryeon claims that Gi-cheul is not someone she can trust. Jun-mo still pleads for Gi-cheul’s case and asks him to continue to work with Gi-cheul. He tries to charm her but that doesn’t work out as he wanted it to.

That night, the cops arrest Jung-bae for drug trade and lock him up, just as Jun-mo had asked. They raid Taeho Bar and arrest the dealers there. The cops found a lot of people in the bar who were using the drugs including locals and celebrities. They are all arrested and the cops let Jung-bae go. Gi-cheul blames Jung-bae for the raid. He kicks everyone else out and asks Jung-bae to confess what he was up to and why he was being so reckless.

Gi-cheul accuses Jung-bae of stashing money behind his back and the two have a fight. Jung-bae starts accusing Jun-mo (Seung-ho) but Gi-cheul asks for evidence to prove the accusation. The two friends have a fight after which Jung-bae warns Gi-cheul, telling him he was making a big mistake trusting Seung-ho.

Jung-bae leaves, promising Gi-cheul would suffer a lot because of his faith in Seung-ho/Jun-mo. Gi-cheul calls Jun-mo in and the two discuss the trade with Hae-ryeon and the Chinese client. Just then, Hae-ryeon gets on a call with Jun-mo, asking him out on a date. She tells Gi-cheul that she will take some time to determine if she sees a future doing business with him and asks him to let Jun-mo go out with her.

Jun-mo tells Gi-cheul that he is going to give his all to make sure that the deal with the Chinese client goes well. As Jung-bae leaves the club for good, Jong-ryul shows up in the elevator, mocking him. The two men have a brutal fight that ends with Jong-ryul slashing Jung-bae’s forehead with a mirror, warning him never to show up at the club.

With his mother’s help, Gi-cheul organises a memorial for Eui-jeong’s mother and all of her mother’s old friends. The woman talks to Eui-jeong after the service and mentions how she used to be friends with someone named Chung-dae. This sets Gi-cheul off after which he calls his informant. He asks what Jung-bae paid him to verify and learns that Jung-bae was trying to find a connection between Eui-jeong and Seung-ho (Jun-mo).

Gi-cheul asks his informant to find out if the two actually were childhood friends. The service ends, after which Gi-cheul and Eui-jeong wait at a restaurant. He asks her to stay with him for an hour. At the same time, Chang-sik tells Jun-mo that Eui-jeong is with Gi-cheul.

The cops learn that Gi-cheul’s informant was looking into Seung-ho’s childhood. He learns that Eui-jeong’s father never transferred to the same town that Seung-ho grew up in. The informant is about to take the documents to Gi-cheul when Jun-mo shows up. The two chat on the rooftop of the building.

The man calls Jun-mo’s bluff and accuses him of lying to Gi-cheul. The informant tries to flee from the roof but Jun-mo chases after him.

The episode ends with the informant falling off the building and dying in his attempt to jump off the roof to escape Jun-mo.

The Episode Review

It looks like divide and conquer is going to be the end of Gi-cheul’s group. The show ends on a high note in every episode, leaving you wanting more as the episodes progress. I wish Disney would’ve released all episodes of this one at the same time as there are many new characters that show up here and there, making it hard to keep track of who is who.

It looked like Detective Min-goo was catching on to the drug racket and I hated how Chang-sik had to use his power to save Jun-mo from him. I loved Min-goo’s character until he became all psycho, beating Jun-mo up. I am hopeful for Min-goo to make a comeback and expose the drug racket. 

I wonder why Jun-mo had a problem with Eui-jeong and Gi-cheul when he too was flirting with Hae-ryeon. It is rightful of him to be worried considering Eui-jeong and Gi-cheul were childhood friends, but now that he is also somewhat cheating on Eui-jeong, he has no business being jealous about what Eui-jeong was doing. 

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  1. I don’t think it’s as simple as being jealous. Atleast so far there is no jealousy. There is a drinking scene after Eui-Jeong’s mother’s funeral where Jun-mo realises that Gi-cheul also had a miserable childhood like himself. But even though Gi-cheul chose the wrong path he was successful and confident. Jun-mo leading an honest life is still looked down upon his wife’s family. The only people who have accepted him were his wife and her mother and he wants to be good enough to validate their acceptance. The main feelings driving him are fear for his wife’s safety and succeed in his mission so his wife doesn’t have to defend him anymore in front of her family. He has not even berated her ever for meeting Gi-cheul. If they weren’t caught together by Gi-cheul she probably wouldn’t have been this actively involved. As far as him meeting the Chinese dealer is concerned, he was told by the Prosecutor that he needs to ensure the deal goes ahead so that all of them get caught red handed so he is forced to meet her. Both Jun-mo and Eui-Jeong look visibly uncomfortable in those meetings and their only thought is to get the mission completed as soon as possible and their partner remains safe.

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