The Worst of Evil – K-drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Episode 3 of The Worst of Evil starts with a flashback from when Gi-cheul and Eui-jeong were teenagers. Since the two went to the same church, Gi-cheul developed feelings for her. Eui-jeong gifts Gi-cheul a necklace with a cross on it. A while later, Gi-cheul’s mother is arrested because of an unknown incident while he and his little sister have to move away. Eui-jeong wonders what Gi-cheul’s mother did but is left with no answer as Gi-cheul is taken away in the cop car.

The episode moves back to the present, and Eui-jeong meets her mother who is getting medical treatment because of her cancer. She asks her mum if she remembers Gi-cheul, as the two recall how Gi-cheul’s mother was arrested. Eui-jeong’s mother then asks about Jun-mo, and wants to meet her son-in-law soon. 

Gi-cheul asks his informant to check up on “Seung-ho” and find background information on Eui-jeong’s family. Jun-mo calls Eui-jeong and tells her that he lied to Gi-cheul about his father’s health and asks the cops to handle the story of his background. Eui-jeong is worried for the safety of her husband and asks Do-hyung to make sure he is safe.

Gi-cheul’s informant pays a cop for the background information and photographs of Eui-jeong’s husband, Jun-mo, who is a known cop. Gi-cheul looks at the photograph. He asks Jun-mo if he recognises the man in the photo, who turns out to be Do-hyung.

Jun-mo reveals that he has no idea who the man in the photo is, and adds that he’s not aware that Eui-jeong is married to a cop. On the contrary, Chang-sik tracks the cop who was working with Gi-cheul’s informant and suspends him for leaking Jun-mo’s photo. Chang-sik tells Do-hyung that it’s smart for him to have replaced Jun-mo’s photo from the police records with a photo of his own.

Jun-mo tells the two that he wants to try something in order to win Gi-cheul’s favour. A few nights later, Jun-mo and Yong-dae are patrolling the town when they notice a van full of masked goons approaching Gangnam Union to attack and kill Gi-cheul who’s alone there.

Jun-mo shows up and asks Yong-dae to escort Gi-cheul to a safe spot. He single-handedly fights the masked goon and kicks them all out when Gi-cheul attempts to shoot them. He is injured after the incident but Gi-cheul is impressed by his bravado.

Gi-cheul asks for Jun-mo (Seung-ho) to be made his personal bodyguard. Gi-cheul’s friends are not happy with this sudden ranking up of a newbie but agree to follow the boss’ orders. Jun-mo is asked to stay in the Gang’s main office and is asked to be given a mobile phone. Jun-mo tells Do-hyung that their plan to disguise cops as masked men has worked and Gi-cheul is falling for their trap.

The next day, Gi-cheul is given his code to the bunk room and is asked to memorise it. He calls Eui-jeong and tells her to contact him on the phone that Gi-cheul provided since the gangster already knows about their friendship. 

Gi-cheul asks Jun-mo about his parents and the two men chat about Eui-jeong. Gi-cheul thinks that Eui-jeong should have married a rich guy instead of settling for some lame detective. Gi-cheul skips lunch with his friends and takes Jun-mo outside. He goes to the hospital where Eui-jeong’s mother was admitted, and asks his bodyguard to join him. 

Jun-mo states that he hasn’t met Eui-jeong in years and meeting her mother all of a sudden would startle the old sick woman. Gi-cheul talks to Eui-jeong’s mother and the two catch up. Eui-jeong’s mother asks if Gi-cheul is a gangster because she’s heard rumours about him.

At the same time, Dong-hyuk goes to Japan to meet the gangster who was involved in the drug pedalling business along with Gi-cheul. The gangster tells Dong-hyuk that the big boss, Kanemoto, treats Gi-cheul like his own son and it would be difficult for him to ask Kanemoto to cut ties with Gi-cheul. Dong-hyuk offers to take over the business that Gi-cheul runs and asks for him to be taken care of too.

Back in Korea, Gi-cheul tells Eui-jeong’s mother that he was just involved in the nightlife business and that he runs some clubs. He swears that he doesn’t commit any crimes and is only involved in clashes with locals. Gi-cheul gets a call from Kanemoto and learns all about Dong-hyuk’s plan. In Japan, Kanemoto’s goon shoots Dong-hyuk and kills him while Dong-hyuk’s right-hand man flees from the scene.

Gi-cheul tells his friends that Kanemoto has taken care of Dong-hyuk and that he is no longer a threat to their gang. Gi-cheul and his two friends go “fishing”, leaving the goons to rest for the night. Jun-mo learns that Gi-cheul went fishing two or three times a month and that he won’t be returning that night.

Instead of joining the goons, Jun-mo stays back at the Union men’s club and looks through Gi-cheul’s office. He is furious when he realises that Gi-cheul used Eui-jeong’s birthday as his security code. Jun-mo takes photos from the inside of Gi-cheul’s office and learns that there is no fishing equipment inside.

Jun-mo meets Chang-sik and Do-hyung, and the trio discuss how fishing could be code for something illegal. The Japanese cops learn that Dong-hyuk went missing while he was in Japan and inform the South Korean police. 

At the same time, Gi-cheul’s friend Jung-bae tells him that they have found a flashlight in their office that belonged to a cop. Gi-cheul is confused and realises that the masked men must have dropped the light when they attacked him. The three friends wonder why the cops tried to attack Gi-cheul. 

On a completely different note, Manager Cho and his goons, Smith and Baby, beat up a drug peddler named Yankees. The trio leave him for dead and take Jung-bae hostage with them. Gi-cheul, Jung-bae and Hee-sung, along with their female accomplice, kidnap Manager Cho.

Jun-mo (Seung-ho) is called to meet Gi-cheul where Jung-bae and Hee-sung brutally attack Manager Cho. Gi-cheul puts an end to it by forcing Jun-mo to kill Manager Cho. Despite trying to pull the trigger multiple times, Jun-mo fails to kill the man. The episode ends with Gi-cheul yelling out, forcing Jun-mo to fire the shot and kill Manager Cho.

The Episode Review

The makers did a really great job casting the young boy to play Gi-cheul because had I not known it was a different actor, I would have assumed it was Wi Ha-joon from when he was younger. This is also great as the two can play brothers in future projects.

The rest of the episode though is pretty confusing. We have no idea who Manager Cho is or who Junkees is and there is no background about the girl in the car that accompanied Gi-cheul and his friends during their attack. However, after three action-filled episodes, this one has potential and hopefully Disney does not fail fans yet again. 

While it would have been a good idea for this one to have dropped all episodes at the same time, we will have to wait for the next two episodes to drop on October 4th.

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Expect a full-season review once the season ends!

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