The Worst of Evil – K-drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

Episode 2 of The Worst of Evil starts with Jun-mo telling Do-hyung that he is sure Gi-cheul had taken the bait. Jun-mo tells the detective that he is going to visit the gangster’s office as per Gi-cheul’s request. On the other hand, Gi-cheul meets with Tae-ho’s father and inquires about Tae-ho’s cousin – Seung-ho.

Since he is involved with the cops, Tae-ho’s father tells Gi-cheul that his son is indeed very close to Seung-ho and that the two boys were raised together. Tae-ho’s father returns the compensation money Gi-cheul gave him, asking him to stop visiting as he reminds the old man of his deceased son.

Next, Jun-mo shows up at Gi-cheul’s office and the gang leader tries to bribe Jun-mo as well. Jun-mo (as Seung-ho) causes a ruckus at Gi-cheul’s office and refuses to take the money, cussing the gang leader out. The goons all try to beat up Jun-mo but he manages to knock them out single-handedly.

Gi-cheul is impressed by Jun-mo’s brazen fighting skills when he almost kills one of the goons. Gi-cheul asks what he wants if it is not money that he is chasing. Jun-mo tells Gi-cheul that he is here to avenge the death of his beloved cousin and promises to come back with the head of the man that killed Tae-ho.

In private, Gi-cheul and his two friends discuss whether they should trust someone new so easily just because he is related to Tae-ho. That night, Gi-cheul’s goons follow Jun-mo and learn that he is looking for Sergeant Jang in order to avenge his cousin. Jun-mo sends a voice message to Eui-jeong and tells her that he is out looking for a culprit for an ongoing case.

Meanwhile, Gi-cheul’s right-hand man, Hee-sung delivers their regular compensation money to Dong-hyuk. He then meets Seargent Jang’s underling – Hee-do. Hee-sung tells him that Gi-cheul is being unfair to him now that he is making good money. He asks Hee-do to join forces with him so they can both beat Gi-cheul and make a whole lot of money, which could easily be split between him and the old gang that worked for Jang.

Hee-do agrees and talks to Dong-hyuk, seeking the old man’s permission to go ahead and kill Gi-cheul. Hee-do asks Hee-sung to somehow bring Gi-cheul to his new nightclub where he and his goons will show up and kill Gi-cheul. Hee-sung agrees to prepare some weapons for Hee-do and his men.

That night, Gi-cheul calls Jun-mo to the abandoned factory for a meeting. Do-hyung joins Jun-mo and waits outside the club on the lookout as Jun-mo goes inside to have a chat with Gi-cheul. Just then, Hee-do and his men show up and Gi-cheul tells Jun-mo that the goons were all Sergeant Jung’s men.

The goons look for the weapons Hee-sung had promised them but realise that they were betrayed by him. Hee-sung locks the goons inside and Hee-do realises that they had fallen for Gi-cheul’s trap. All of Hee-do’s men attack Gi-cheul and Jun-mo, who manage to fight them off quite promptly.

However, soon, all of Gi-cheul’s goons who were hiding inside the nightclub revealed themselves and beat up Hee-do’s men. Outside, Do-hyung grows worried for Jun-mo and contemplates calling the cops. He uses his camera to take photos of people entering and leaving the club to use as evidence in the future.

In order to show his solidarity with the gang, Jun-mo also beats up the goons. The fight ends with Gi-cheul’s knifer breaking Hee-do’s leg after Gi-cheul slices his cheek and warns him against showing up in their area. Outside the club, Gi-cheul tells Jun-mo that he has already avenged Tae-ho by killing Sergeant Jang with his own hands.

Gi-cheul calls Dong-hyuk and berates the old man for betraying him. He tells the gangster boss that he is no longer going to pay him any compensation as punishment for siding with Hee-do. Dong-hyuk is infuriated and asks his men to bring Gi-cheul to Busan and kill him.

Meanwhile, Gi-cheul asks Jun-mo (Seung-ho) to fulfil his brother’s dream and gives him the authority to run the nightclub just where in. Jun-mo agrees to the deal and joins Gi-cheul’s gang. He is taken in as the maknae (junior) and is asked to train with the second youngest member of the gang – Yong-dae.

As a part of Gi-cheul’s gang, Jun-mo is in charge of patrolling the neighbourhoods of Nonhyeon and Yeoksam. Jun-mo tells Do-hyung that he was already sick of patrolling as a cop and was forced to do the same as a gangster.

After a few days of training, Jun-mu asks Yong-dae if the gang is known for selling goods or trafficking drugs but Yong-dae claims that a low-rank goon like him would not know anything about what the big guns are up to.

Yong-dae crashes at Dong-mu’s place which becomes inconveniencing for the latter. On the other hand, Eui-jeong learns that Jun-mu was lying to her and leaves her a voice note. Jun-mu takes the rest of the day out and meets his wife for lunch. He tells Eui-jeong that he was roped into a secret operation and is now working for a gang as an infiltrator.

Before they can discuss this, Gi-cheul and his two trusted men show up at the restaurant. Gi-cheul recognises Eui-jeong as his high school friend and the two old friends catch up. Jun-mo introduces Eui-jeong as his childhood friend and leaves with Gi-cheul.

Outside the restaurant, Gi-cheul’s men start doubting Jun-mo’s intentions given the fact that he was hanging out with a cop. They tell Jun-mo that Eui-yeong was Gi-cheul’s first love when they were both in the church choir. Jun-mo swears that he only hung out with Eui-jeong because they were childhood friends and lies that she’s helping look after his father who was using drugs while he was away.

Eui-jeong calls Do-hyung, knowing full well that the detective had something to do with Jun-mo’s operation. The episode ends with Jun-mo driving Gi-cheul and his men when he notices the necklace on Gi-cheul’s neck is the same one that Eui-jeong owned.

The Episode Review

Two episodes in and this show is shaping up to be a suspense-filled action drama and I am loving every single minute of it! I just hope that the show does not turn into a love triangle looking at the way things ended in this episode. Jun-mo looks like a shallow character if we are being completely honest and despite appearing to be unbothered by his wife’s high rank, he asks to be placed two ranks higher because he feels less than her.

Since Eui-jeong already knows that her husband was on a secret operation to bring down Gi-cheul, who we are being told was her first love. There is a possibility that Jun-mo runs into some trouble with Gi-cheul’s gang which would force Eui-jeong to intervene and use her past connection with the gangster to save her husband. We will have to wait and see if this is how the story will pan out in the episodes to come!

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