The Worst of Evil – K-drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

Episode 11

Episode 11 of The Worst of Evil starts where we left off with Jun-mo and Gi-cheul going to the port. The episode goes into a flashback from two days before the operation where Min-goo talks to his friend, who is also a cop. He asks the cop about Gi-cheul’s girlfriend and shows him Eui-jeong’s photo from the conference.

The cop reveals that Eui-jeong was a commissioner’s daughter and that her brothers are also cops. He also adds that Eui-jeong was married to a cop and it wasn’t likely for her to have gotten a divorce owing to her family background. Gi-cheol takes Eui-jeong to a house and tells her that he wants to start a life with her there. Eui-jeong tries to ask Gi-cheul about the upcoming business trip but the latter doesn’t share much about it.

Present-day Eui-jeong is worried sick at home and wonders if Jun-mo will be okay following the operation. A flashback shows her talking to Jun-mo, asking him to end it all when they are still safe. Jun-mo spots the necklace from Gi-cheul on Eui-jwong’s neck and wonders if his wife is worried about the safety of their enemy – Gi-cheul.

On the night of the drug trade trip, Gi-cheul and Jun-mo collect the sacks full of drugs from the Chinese client. Jun-mo takes note of the Chinese boat’s name. After stashing the drugs away, the two empty the remaining flour from the sack into the water. When Gi-cheul goes to hide the drugs away, Jun-mo hides an empty sack in his jacket, disposing of the rest.

At the same time, Min-goo finds out the name of Eui-jeong’s husband – Park Jun-mo. Min-goo is now more determined to catch Gi-cheul and put him behind bars. Meanwhile, Jun-mo and Gi-cheul make it back to the shore and deposit the drugs in the trunk of their car. Jun-mo asks to use the restroom and hides the empty sack there.

Chang-sik orders the cops to carefully tail Gi-cheul. Jun-mo comes back outside and drives away from the port to the next port for the Japanese trade. One of Do-hyung’s cops collects the empty sack with the name of the Chinese boat on it. Do-hyung asks the cops to be on standby as they’re expecting Gi-cheul and Jun-mo to arrive anytime now.

In the car, Gi-cheul calls Yong-dae and asks him to check up on Jong-ryul. During the car ride, Gi-cheul tells Jun-mo that he sees himself in the latter which is why he signing off his business to Jun-mo (Seung-ho). He advises Jun-mo (Seung-ho) to back off when things get too dangerous just like he was going to do. Jun-mo takes advantage of Gi-cheul’s trust in him and asks where the trade with the Japanese clients would take place.

As Gi-cheul shows Jun-mo the map of the port, their car rams into a truck. Both Gi-chel as well as Jun-mo are left bleeding and knocked unconscious from the impact. It turns out that the truck was being driven by Kyung-jin who steals the drugs from the trunk and leaves. The cops get restless and Do-hyung asks them to check why Gi-cheul’s car is running late.

Gi-cheul wakes up and tries to check up on Jun-mo but a gas leak causes the car to burst into flames before either of the two can make it out. A cop tells Do-hyung about the blast and he asks him to check up on it immediately. However, Gi-cheul managed to escape from the car with Jun-mo before it could burst into flames. Gi-cheul tells Jun-mo that the drugs had been stolen. Hee-sung shows up in his car and drives both of them to Seoul as per Gi-cheul’s instructions.

Gi-cheul is furious about Jung-bae and Kyung-jin betraying him and decides to teach them a lesson. Do-hyung is relieved to hear that the burnt-up car was empty of any dead bodies. He asks the cops to go back to Seoul and hold off for the time being.

At the Union the following morning, Gi-cheul orders his goons to go look for Kyung-jin. He hands out the list of all the drug dealers that worked for him to Jun-mo. Gi-cheul asks Jun-mo to grill the dealers until they reveal if they have been contacted by Jung-bae. Gi-cheul notices a photo frame is turned over in his cabin and checks his safe. He finds that Jung-bae had emptied it and intentionally left his watch there to prove a point to Gi-cheul.

Jun-mo takes the list of Gangnam Crystal drug dealers to Chang-sik and Do-hyung and tells them that he is looking for Jung-bae. Gi-cheul gets an earful from Oyama who gives him a week to bring back the promised quantity of drugs. Gi-cheul makes it his life’s mission to bring back the drugs and gets angry at Hee-sung who suggests they should just let the whole thing be.

At the same time, Min-goo goes to Jun-mo’s station and asks about him. He learns that Jun-mo was on a break for a while which leaves him curious. Jun-mo tells the truth to Hae-ryun and asks for some time. He promises to bring back the drugs and pay Hae-ryun rightfully. Hae-ryun praises Jun-mo and calls him a man of the right character.

During their conversation, Gi-cheul learns that Hae-ryun’s hometown is in Changchun, China. Boss Oson calls Kang-san and learns that the trade has gone bust. He states that Hae-ryun has proved that she is good for nothing. After their chat, Jun-mo drops Hae-ryun at her car and asks her to hide away in China for the time being. Hae-ryun stated that she would go to China with him after all this was over.

That night, Jun-mo calls Do-hyung and tells him about Changchun in China. The Korean Narcotics Department alerted the Chinese Narcotics Department. The Chinese Narcs decide to find the drug factory led by Boss Oson and keep an eye on it until they get a heads-up from Korea.

Chang-sik is very elated by the victory but Do-hyung expresses his concerns for the safety of Jun-mo and his family. Chang-sik asks Do-hyung to be patient until the investigation was over and asks him to meet Eui-jeong and try to calm her down. Yong-dae picks Jong-ryul after he is released from prison and tells him about the documents he got from the retired police archive office. Jong-ryul reads the documents and asks Yong-dae to drive him back to Gangnam Police Station.

Meanwhile, Do-hyung meets Eui-jeong and tells her that the drugs have been stolen. Eui-jeong tells him that Min-goo was looking into Jun-mo’s police station and asks him to stop the cop. Do-hyung shows up at Gangnam Police Station where he meets Min-goo outside. Yong-dae and Jong-ryul watch the two interact from the parking lot.

Yong-dae recalls seeing Do-hyung at the Retired Police Archives office and telling Jong-ryul about it. Jong-ryul senses something fishy and asks Yong-dae to take him to the archives office. Do-hyung talks to Min-goo as Jun-mo. Min-goo tells Do-hyung (Jun-mo) that his wife, Eui-jeong was cheating on him with a thug like Gi-cheul. He asks the cop to mind his own business and to stop meddling with his personal life.

On the contrary, things take a chaotic turn at the Union when one of the goons reveals that he was not able to track the dealer named Meth Park. Jun-mo gets furious and angrily pushes the goon out of the office, asking him to look for Meth Park. Hee-sung asks Jun-mo to calm down but the latter gets angry as Hee-sung too, pissing him off.

Gi-cheul asks Hee-sung to get in touch with their alumni and to try and find Jung-bae. In private, Gi-cheul tells Jun-mo that Jung-bae had stolen all of his money further pissing the undercover cop off. Jun-mo asks Gi-cheul to go after Jung-bae’s family but Gi-cheul asks him to stop with his rage and take a minute to calm down. He asks Jun-mo to leave and the latter does so.

Outside Gi-cheul’s office, Jun-mo gets a call from Eui-jeong, asking him to meet her in person for something urgent. Jong-ryul and Y0ng-dae show up at the archives office just as the clerk – Ms Jo is leaving. Yong-dae asks her to talk to Jong-ryul who threatens to kill her. Jun-mo meets Do-hyung and Eui-jeong who hand over some of Jung-bae’s phone records as well as information on Jung-bae’s parents.

Jun-mo is pissed at Eui-jeong for risking everything and meeting him for something so trivial. Both Do-hyung and Eui-jeong try to calm Jun-mo but he lashes at Do-hyung for making him become like this by involving him in the investigation. He curses Chang-sik as well while scolding Eui-jeong for distracting him by showing up in front of him.

Simultaneously, Records Clerk Ms Jo confesses that a cop had asked her to switch the records. Jong-ryul forces her to call Do-hyung and call him to the records office immediately. Ms Jo does so and lies to Do-hyung upon Jong-ryul’s instruction. Do-hyung decides to go meet Ms Jo immediately but Eui-jeong asks him to be careful.

Jun-mo tries to keep an eye on Jung-bae’s father while Gi-cheul waits for a phone call with information on Jung-bae. Jong-ryul waits for Do-hyung to show up at the records office when he gets a call from Jun-mo who tells him all about the swapped records.

Jong-ryul states that he was waiting for the man pretending to be “Jun-mo” to show up and asks him to come along if he wanted to. Eui-jeong calls Gi-cheul out for a walk and tries to ease off his stress. During their chat, Gi-cheul gets a call from Hee-sung, stating that they were just bringing Jung-bae to the Union.

Gi-cheul rushes to go back to the Union and asks Eui-jeong for a raincheck. Eui-jeong decides to follow after him. As soon as Gi-cheul shows up at the Union, he learns that his men, including Hee-sung, have turned their backs on him. Jung-bae sits on the couch and mocks Gi-cheul for setting up new businesses in order to start afresh while leaving his employees to fend for themselves.

Jun-mo rushes to the records office but does not make it in time. He forces Yong-dae to open the locks and finds a beaten-up Do-hyung inside. Jong-ryul tells Jun-mo (Seung-ho) that the man is a narcotics officer working on an operation and pretending to be Eui-jeong’s husband.

He tries to figure out who the real Jun-mo is and tries to kill Do-hyung. Jun-mo also tries to stop Jong-ryul but isn’t able to do so. The episode ends with Jong-ryul threatening to kill Jun-mo if he doesn’t shoot Do-hyung.

The Episode Review

As the show stands on its last legs with one episode left, things are getting way more complicated instead of straightening out. It is assumed that Jun-mo decides to kill Do-hyung to prove a point to Jong-ryul, but it still doesn’t cancel the fact that Jong-ryul probably knows that Jun-mo is not Seung-ho.

It is likely that Jun-mo kills Jong-ryul instead and manages to save Do-hyung, bringing the operation back on track. However, things are far beyond messed up for Gi-cheul. It must be shattering to see his best friends betray him. To top it all off, it is also likely that he will receive another shock when he learns that Jun-mo was a cop who was involved in the drug operation.

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