The Woman in the House Across the Street… – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Murder Weapon

Episode 6 of The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window starts with Anna waking up to find Rex downstairs cooking. Their morning is completely disrupted though by Detective Lane showing up and arresting Rex. He’s taken away in handcuffs, charged with Chastity’s murder.

It turns out the Financial Crimes Unit have had Rex and Chastity under surveillance for a while and when Lane and the others were given instructions to apprehend him, they jumped on the chance to do so. There’s even audio footage of Rex telling Chastity that he’s going to kill her. Lane also deduces that Rex had a burner he was using to give himself an alibi, hence the text messages. Lane encourages Anna to get her life in order and leaves.

Anna decides to give up the drinking and sets to work turning her life around. After a mani/pedi with Sloane, she heads home where Buell gets a nail wedged through his hand. After bandaging up his hand, Buell admits that he has some tough stories about his mother and father “but that’s a story for another day.”

Anna pays her respects to Elizabeth at the graveyard, where Neil and Emma show up. Although she drops off the casserole dish for her daughter, Anna changes her mind and gives it to Emma instead. As she walks away, the gravestone now reads “There’s no “I” in heaven”

At the crime scene, Detective Lane and the others uncover a murder weapon, which completely changes the game. They missed it the first time around but now this brings Lane and Officer Spitz over to Anna’s to talk.

With Anna present, Lane admits that they’ve released Rex, given he has a solid alibi for the time in question. He was actually over at a bar dancing. As for Anna though, they suspect she’s the murderer. They’ve found a palette knife not far from the body. Not only that, she also seems to have a painting for “The Perfect Family”, which includes her, Neil and Emma together. She doesn’t remember painting this though and begins to slip out of control.

Something doesn’t seem right but for now, Anna is taken down to the station for questioning.

The Episode Review

Is Anna really hallucinating? The visions right at the end of the episode seem to hint that she’s not but it’s hard to tell with this series. There’s a nice whodunit brewing across the episodes, with the light sprinklings of satire doing well to keep things just about light enough to prevent this slipping into dark drama.

It’s nowhere near as funny as something like A Touch Of Cloth though but the mystery here is much better, keeping things intriguing with all the usual beats you’d expect from this genre.

The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window is definitely going to be a love/hate affair but if you’ve made it this far then you’re in for the long-haul! Who is the killer? And who’s telling the truth? I’m sure we’ll find out soon!

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