The Woman in the House Across the Street… – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Shaky Alibi

Episode 3 of The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window begins with Anna being brought in from the rain by a mysterious figure. We’re led to believe it’s Neil but it’s not 100% confirmed.

When the rain stops and Anna awakens, the police are outside waiting for her. Both Detective Lane and Officer Walters want to take a statement from her. As Anna starts talking about the murder, they reveal that Lisa isn’t actually dead. There’s no trace of her murder in Neil’s house and as far as they’re aware, she’s flown out to Seattle.

Anna tries to explain her reasoning but it’s no good, it falls on deaf ears. The police don’t write her up for a false report though, but encourage her to try and make it up to Neil the following day.

In the morning, Anna decides to prove her theory right. She heads over to Neil’s house and immediately sees text messages exchanged between him and Lisa, timed for 9.48pm. Given this is after the time she was supposed to have left, it starts to make sense. Neil goes on to explain how the police arriving really spooked Emma and encourages Anna to stop snooping around.

Well, Anna decides to break in, where she finds Lisa’s earring by the window. Unfortunately, she’s caught red-handed by Neil and Emma who return home. Realizing she needs to get help, Anna decides to head off on a “grief retreat” for the weekend.

When she shows up at the airport, Anna notices an advertisement for Olympia Airlines preparing to fly West. Only, that means they’re not currently flying there now. That’s a problem because Lisa works for Olympia and if they’re not going to Seattle, it throws her alibi out the window.

So naturally, Anna heads to the police station and tries to explain this to Detective Lane. Interestingly, Lane actually used to be one of the officers in charge of the Massacre Mike case, and shows empathy toward Anna’s plight. It’s also revealed here that Mike killed and ate Anna’s daughter, which is where her grief and trauma has really stemmed from.

Lane takes pity on her and suggests Anna head home instead. Only, when Anna steps outside the station, she notices someone has scrawled “stop or ur next” on her car. This incentivizes Anna to double down on investigating. She uses Douglas’ contacts, posing as his assistant, to get background checks done on Lisa and Rex.

Anna also turns her attention to Neil too, and specifically his involvement with Meredith Colman. Searching online, Anna learns that he was a suspect in her death, which occurred up at the lake house. Could it be that Neil has murdered Lisa and also Meredith too?

The Episode Review

Episode 3 starts to shift the focus across to the investigation itself, with far less satire and comedy, and a lot more drama involving Lisa’s potential death. We also see more of Anna’s tragic past involving her daughter too, and understanding that she died horrifically at the hands of Massacre Mike is certainly a shocking moment.

The series has an interesting tone to it and despite being a comedic satire, actually has a fair amount going for it to act as a standalone mystery, especially when it comes to the deaths and twists

Hopefully we learn more about what’s going on soon, as this series leaves everything open on a tantalizing note.

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