The Witcher – Season 3 Episode 3 Recap & Review


In episode 3 of The Witcher season 3, Jaskier is thinking extensively about Radovid. His reflection is abruptly cut short by Geralt’s need to address the mystery surrounding Teryn, who has an uncanny resemblance to Ciri and also claims to be her. Teryn, who is half-elf, is under the spell of advanced mind-control magic.

Geralt and Ciri talk about Philippa and Djikstra’s suggestion that Ciri move to Redania, a plan that Geralt does not support, whilst waiting for the antidote to work. Teryn’s demonic temper, which is filled with supernatural danger, is experienced by the group. Geralt is more determined than ever to keep Ciri safe. He decides to depart for Aretuza, leaving Teryn’s care in Anika’s hands.

Giancardi is a banker who owes Yennefer money, so in an effort to ensure Ciri’s protection, Yennefer takes her to him. She meets with Tissaia privately under Ciri’s covert supervision. Although it is clear that they do not get along, Yennefer asks a mage conclave to take action to stop the Brotherhood from succumbing to the strife of the Northern Kings.

Strangely, Ciri interprets staying away from trouble as making a spectacle, while fixing a sideshow’s mistaken identity of a wyvern. Her coins are stolen at the end of her journey, and Yennefer is hastily called. Ciri believes that supporting the witches of Aretuza is similar to selling a person’s soul, so she is not overly thrilled with Yennefer’s attitude towards them.

Although Radovid knows of the person responsible for the manipulation that led to Hedwig’s death, he does not have the power to formally oppose Dijkstra.

Given that he enlisted believing Lydia wasn’t connected to Nilfgaard, Rience is growing tired of Lydia’s instructions and longs for more autonomy.

Gallatin unintentionally seals Cahir’s demise by disclosing Francesca’s disregard for Emhyr’s demands in her search for a girl, most likely Ciri, while Cahir tragically murders Gallatin in an effort to win Emhyr’s favor. Cahir is plagued by the act and decides to break a mirror instead of looking in the mirror.

Eredin, the group’s leader, calls Ciri death itself and asks her to join them, placing her in a troubling position. Fortunately, Geralt makes a dramatic entrance to save her right on time.

The Episode Review

Even though episode 3 of The Witcher season 3 appears to be somewhat chaotic, it still has some significant plot developments.

Ciri’s character continues to grow as these exciting events play out, and we are excited about what the upcoming episode of the new season will have to offer.

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