The Witcher – Season 3 Episode 2 Recap & Review


In episode 2 of The Witcher season 3, Geralt approaches Codringher as well as Fenn, a law firm and detective agency, for help in his quest to find Rience.

These investigators provide Geralt with his first tip: Vuilpanne, the castle in which he might discover vital details about the sorcerer in charge of Rience. Additionally, the presence of Istredd adds to the mysticism.

Geralt arrives in Vuilpanne to find a horrifying scene in the dungeon. In a cocoon of webbing, a distraught woman rants about a nocturnal visitor. The three heads that extend from fleshy stalks in the walls add to the eerie atmosphere. These are part of a hideous creature that Geralt is compelled to battle and kill. It is made up of body parts that have been loosely joined. Following that, he takes the lady away from the dungeon.

Yennefer and Ciri make their way to Aretuza whilst Geralt uncovers horrors. However, Ciri’s increasingly unsettling visions and her efforts to change the course of events call for a diversion. Yen makes the decision to purchase an immediate portal towards Aretuza from Keira, her old friend.

They have no choice but to flee and travel a long way to Aretuza after Ciri releases a dwarf who was held captive and realizes he faces a bleak future. This diversion is a trip into Yen’s past that teaches Ciri important lessons regarding the possible repercussions of interfering with fate.

To help Redania gain more political clout, Philippa and Dijkstra appear to be trying to persuade Jaskier to hand over Ciri to them. This plan involves Radovid, Vizimir’s charming brother. To win Geralt’s confidence, Jaskier asks Radovid to pay Codringher and Fenn in exchange for details regarding Rience.

Tragic incidents occur at the end of episode 2 of The Witcher season 3. Codringher and Fenn are coerced into saying what they know by Rience using his mended hands, who then sets fire to their workplace. At the same time, Geralt makes an effort to talk to the woman he saved from Vuilpanne. The woman, in a startling admission, thinks she is Ciri.

The Episode Review

Episode 2 of The Witcher season 3 features Yen and Ciri travelling to Aretuza, Geralt attempting to find Rience and a number of secondary stories bubbling away in the shadows.

The second episode seems like a step down because it doesn’t have the intensity and focus that marks the season 3 premiere of the Netflix show and also because the story is overly spread out.

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