The Witcher – Season 3 Episode 1 Recap & Review


In Witcher season 3 episode 1, Ciri, Yennefer, and Geralt are fleeing. They remain where they are up until henchmen carrying torches locate them as they approach them, during which point they take off. In her sparse free time, Yennefer works to develop Ciri’s innate magical abilities while writing Geralt, who continues to avoid her, encouraging letters about their development.

The group then moves into a remote cabin in a chilly wilderness that Yarpen, a dwarf friend of Geralt, has provided. Here, there are hints of the approaching Belleteyn Festival. A jackapace, an enormous CGI monster that resembles an armadillo that Rience sent, interrupts the celebration’s festivities by hunting Ciri down using a portion of her blood that Rience took from Kaer Morhen. However, Geralt manages to dispatch it easily.

Their new scheme is to entice him out and murder him as Rience has Ciri’s blood and can potentially track them virtually anywhere. They are going to ride in Yarpen’s caravan and spread the word far and wide that he is carrying Ciri, who is being grudgingly protected by Jaskier whilst Geralt and Yennefer keep watch nearby.

Thereafter, they stop on their way to Shaerrawedd. It is under the radical authority of Francesca as well as Filavandrel, the former of who continues to think Ciri is the key to locating Dol Blathanna.

The Elves are getting ready for battle against humans. As a result of hearing about Ciri from other people, the elves also travel to Shaerrawedd at the exact same time as Rience, which sparks a large conflict that features Yarpen as well as the dwarves among other rival groups.

Rience attempts to pass via an opening, but Yennefer manages to keep it open a while for Geralt to dash through, look out through the opening carefully, break Rience’s hands, and then leave once more to face the elves. There are many casualties among the elves, including Francesca’s brother Gauge, which is likely to radicalize her even more and inflame the already strained relationship between her and Gallatin.

Ciri, Yennefer, and Geralt are aware that they must temporarily part ways. Yen wishes to head to Aretuza with Ciri in order to train with Tissaia and the Brotherhood because she understands from the strength of Rience’s portal that he is being controlled by somebody far more magically powerful. On the other hand, to stop him from following them, Geralt must find Rience and murder him.

After a tearful farewell, the thrilling premiere of The Witcher season 3 concludes with a quick reminder that Ciri continues to be sought after by the Nilfgaardian ruler and The White Flame.

The Episode Review

We begin by following Geralt, Ciri, as well as Yennefer as they continue to elude the various groups that are pursuing Ciri, which includes her own dad, Emperor Emhyr of Nilfgaard. The Continent continues to be divided, with numerous factions vying for control amidst the upheaval, and so very little has altered. Ciri, who is being pursued by various political figures because of her unusual heritage, occupies the centre of the conflict.

Although The Witcher’s plot can occasionally be puzzling, especially considering how previous seasons abruptly changed the timeline without giving the audience any forewarning, season 3 seems off to an excellent start by connecting several loose ends together.


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