The Witch and the Beast – Season 1 Episode 12 Recap & Review

Episode 12

Guideau found and threatened Ashaf, demanding he told her the secret to break curses before he died. However, he convinced her she needed Falvell for it to work. 

Meanwhile, Falvell found the executioner beside her brother’s dead body. When Craig returned, he discussed with the other executioner what they should do with the witch. As she had a curse and they didn’t know how to break it, they concluded the only option was killing her. Before doing that, the executioner revealed he was Sven, just to torture the girl.

Suddenly, Guideau arrived and instantly killed the two villagers holding the girl. Sven tried to attack her with the fire, but she easily blocked it with her coffin. However, he used magic to pierce and set her on fire. When it appeared the executioner would kill Falvell, Ashaf teleported there and protected the witch.

 Still, he couldn’t save her hurt like that, so she told her the secret to break the curse. Right after Falvell kissed Guideau, her real body came out and sent Sven flying with a single punch. Craig summoned a monster to defeat her, but it didn’t work. Then, Guideau punched it so hard, that the air pressure destroyed the boy’s mask and pushed him away.

Sven told the villagers to make Falvell a hostage again to turn the tables, but Guideau said that wouldn’t work. The girl’s curse had disappeared too, so she commanded them to stop. She was so powerful she could even extinguish the fire with a command. While crying, Falvell killed Sven and defeated the last executioner there.

As “only” his heart had stopped, Falvell resurrected Owent. According to Ashaf, she could even raise the dead when she is older. After that, Guideau decided to go with the mage and get the Order’s help to find more witches.

Back to the present, Ashaf tells Guideau she changed over the three years they have been together. Even so, just one encounter with Angela reverted her to her old self. However, he believes she is only throwing a tantrum and will return to her senses. Before leaving, he says she wants Guideau to experience love.

Between the seventh and eighth continents, there’s an unending hole. The Order has some sort of building there, where they can access other worlds the hole leads into. Ashaf and Guideau head to the fourth one, as that’s what Angela’s clue tells them. They don’t know if the witch will be there or if they will find another clue, but they must proceed.

They go to the changing room, where Ashaf asks for different types of clothes. When he says he wants them all black, the employee hesitates. But before he can say anything, Ashaf knows he is aware and that it’s okay. Later, dressed in black from head to toe, they enter the fourth floor, a world of vampires.

The Episode Review

This ending came out of nowhere. It’s interesting now they have a whole new world with different creatures to explore. Which, actually makes a lot of sense. We’ve only seen witches or magic-related stuff, but we also have Guideau, something unexplainable as of now. With the hole, we might get more answers. Also, it’s a great change of pace.

Also, seeing Guideau’s real body was badass as always. And Falvell’s power is incredibly powerful, so it’d be fun if she appeared again to help. However, the problem was solved too fast. Of course, their abilities are on a whole other level, but that still makes things boring sometimes. 

It’s a good season finale, but part of it feels like filler. The worst part is that Ashaf tells the story to express how Guideau has changed in these last three years. However… She actually hasn’t. Since episode 1 she’s just grumpy and has almost no personality, so in the flashback, she is her normal self. 

With Helga’s introduction, Guideau has changed a little bit. Let’s hope the rest of the story develops her more and makes her more interesting to follow. If season two does that, it’ll be a huge improvement. 

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