The White Lotus – Season 2 Episode 6 “Abductions” Recap & Review


Before we begin, just a little heads up. Based on the feedback we have gotten for the previous episode recaps, we have decided to divide the recap into parts specifically dedicated to the different characters and storylines.

The Sullivans and the Spillers

Harper still doesn’t believe Ethan. At least, that is what he seems to think. She wakes up to find him in the chair, staring at the ceiling and ruing what his life has become. After literally doing everything right, is this what he deserves? What makes his suffering even worse is the fact that he did not cheat. Every good relationship is built on the foundation of trust and the Spillers, despite their high-handedness and looking down at the Sullivans, never had it.

Harper says maybe they have lost their spark. Maybe they are not attracted to each other anymore and she is right to think that. Have we ever seen Ethan kiss Harper once this season? Both of them are at an impasse on their ends. They have put in the most amount of effort they possibly could but it is not working. It is not either’s fault; they just aren’t made for each other. Ethan tries to allay her fears and wants to “work on it”. Harper half-heartedly appreciates the effort but is skeptical.

Her skepticism turns into stone-cold pessimism when she sees Ethan talking to Mia and Lucia in the lobby. Cameron still hasn’t paid them and it tells something about the kind of man he is. If only Ethan could have “communicated” with Harper and told her the “complete truth”, it wouldn’t have come to this. At least, in this moment. It definitely would have come someday or other. That part of their marriage is inevitable and something that cannot be changed.

Ethan has had enough of Cameron. He is done with his antics and casual approach. Although he shouts at him, he wants him to vouch for Ethan’s innocence to Harper. Cam says he’s got him and the next thing we know, he is having drinks with Harper at the bar.

Daphne, like always, is out of the picture and enjoying life on her own terms, off having a relaxing massage. Ethan doesn’t show and goes for a swim, pissed off at the world and life for dealing him a bad hand. He finds them gone when he emerges though. Harper texts that she is going back to the room to get her hat.

Suspecting the worst possible thing happening, he rushes to their room, the room where he finds out that Harper has latched the door, which she usually doesn’t do. What’s worse is that the door to the adjoining room (where the Sullivans are staying), is open too. Harper is playing the same game that she thought Ethan was playing with her. What a mess this situation is!

Harper’s mood has suddenly brightened, intensifying Ethan’s fears. I think she is only playing him. There is no way she had anything to do with that sleazebag. But it would be a great way “to get back at Ethan for cheating on her”.

The Di Grasso boys (plus one)

It is the day of the reckoning for Bert and Dominic. They are finally going into town to lift up the rocks and see if they have any lineage left. After all, Bert’s mother was from that place. But they have another surprise waiting when they find Lucia is coming along too. Albie is now firmly in love with her. She too seems charmed by him and his kindness. Bert encourages Dominic to go along with it for his son’s sake.

They get promising hints that there is indeed a Di Grasso family living further into town. But, when they get there, they are disappointed. Lucia is gone. Alessio and his hooligan follow the car and she herself bows out, willingly getting into their car and leaving. With no translator, the Di Grassos aren’t able to communicate and the matriarch shoos them away. Bert is heartbroken.

For the first time in this series, we see him defeated. He resigns to his room, declining dinner to make peace with the one thing he was so looking forward to in the latter stages of his life. But he does some solace in Mia’s singing and praises her to the moon, which seems genuine and honest. Albie comforts Lucia when she shows up in his room. The two share an embrace and seem perfect for each other. Albie has finally found a “wounded bird/damsel in distress” and Lucia has her “kind-rich protector”.

Tanya, Portia, and Palermo

Tanya is shaken after last night but keeps the secrets to herself. Her veiled warning to Portia is unsuccessful, as Jack arranges “a day out” for her out of the city, leaving Tanya alone with “the gays”. They are about to have another lavish party at the Pallazo. Portia’s fantasy sort of starts crumbling down when Jack is sober and cannot hold a conversation. The charm gradually wears off, as he goes off the rails and Portia feels uncomfortable around him.

Tanya gets “dolled up” for the party” like her father used to tell her. She is now ready “to be played with” (if you remember that conversation between her and Portia, you know what I am talking about). Niccolo is her “army candy” for the evening. Quentin once again puts on a fantastic show for her. He does cocaine with Tanya and Niccolo and there is a huge amount of alcohol involved. Quentin also tells Tanya that Niccolo might be associated with the mafia, which seems another good ploy on his part if he were to kill her. But why would he do that? Excellent segue into what happens next.

She stands in Quentin’s room, alone, and notices a picture on the table. It is him and the “cowboy” whom he passionately desired. And that man looks like Greg! Yes, they might be in cahoots. Hence, the above proposition. Jack confirms to Portia that his uncle is not rich and “not who he says he is”. All these signs are red flags in Portia’s mind, who now fears for what might happen to Tanya.

The Resort

Valentina’s homosexuality is now apparent. She requests Isabella to come with her after work for drinks as it is her birthday. Unfortunately, but predictably, “she has no one to celebrate it with”. Isabella gladly agrees but perhaps not with the same motivations. As she is putting on her makeup, Isabella requests her to put Rocco back as Salvatore is harassing her. And that she and Rocco are engaged.

Valentina gets upset and quickly decides against going out. Mia catches up with her and shows her “a good time” on her birthday in one of the hotel rooms, to which Valentina has access through a master key.

The Episode Review

Well, this was not the finale, as I had expected. It is next Sunday and we perhaps needed another episode before we ended things. So, so many possibilities have now opened of how the story could be put to rest. The “bodies” are not any clearer so we will have to wait for that.

Episode 6 had the requisite directness and urgency to move things forward. If the initial episodes focused on patient buildup, episodes 5 and 6 have taken full advantage to use that momentum and surprise us with new developments. Ethan’s meltdown and paranoia were the highlights, for sure. Everything about it was constructed to remain true to the characters and how the universe has behaved until now.

But the real heist seems to be happening in Palermo, where our adorable Tanya seems to be in grave danger. Greg was maybe talking to Quentin on the phone at the end of episode 2 and they seem to have a plan to remove her from the picture. What else could “he will be coming into money soon” mean? We will be back one final time for the season finale!

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